Picture-Play : Apr 1916 : Mary Pickford

Vol. IV No. 2

Cover Design: Mary Pickford
Rotogravure: Violet & Claire Mersereau, Dorothy Gish, Charles Ray, Anita Stewart, William Garwood, Wallace Reid, Gertrude Robinson, Seena Owen, House Peters, Ruth Blair, Robert Warwick, Vivian Reed, Ann Murdock, Bessie Eyton, Irene Howley, Helen Badgley.
How They Have Changed by Lloyd Robinson
The Lasky Studio by Robert C. Duncan
Making a Million Dollar Picture by Creighton Hamilton
Behind the Scenes with Fatty and Mabel by Wil Rex
One Extra Girl by Ralph Strong
The Light that Failed by Will H. Johnston
Green Stockings by Kenneth Rand
The Public Pulse by Francis X. Bushman
The Golden Chance by Will H. Johnston
The Picture Oracle
No Greater Love by Burns Patterson
Pickles and Pearls (A Chaplin serial)
A Dressing Room on Wheels by Mary E. Porter
Hints for Scenario Writers (A Sample Scenario) by Clarence J. Caine
Out of Range of the Movie Camera
Screen Gossip by Neil G. Caward

CD-R, 164 pages

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