Picture-Play : Nov 1925 : Greta Nissen

Vol. XXIII No. 3

Cover Design: Greta Nissen

What the Fans Think
Ben in Profile: Ben Lyon Portrait
If It's for You—You'll Get It (John Roche) by Helen Ogden
The Wife's Story (Mrs. Malcolm MacGregor) by Dorothy Manners
The Motion Picture of the Future by Eugene Clement d'Art
A Confession by Rudolph Valentino
Let's Visit the Paramount School! by Horace Woodmansee
The Girl Who Waited (Ruth Clifford) by Myrtle Gebhart
Brushing Off the Welcome Mat (Dorothy Phillips) by Caroline Bell
The Baby Spot by Don Ryan

How Many Film Celebrities Do You Know?
Would You Trade Places with Frances Rich? by Myrtle Gebhart
Rotogravure Portraits: Leatrice Joy, Vilma Banky, Norma Shearer, Pauline Garon, Joyce Compton, Pauline Starke, Diana Miller, Edna Murphy
The Clouds Roll By (Edna Murphy) by Helen Klumph
The Observer (Editorial comment)
To Please the Chicago Fans (D.W. Griffith on location)
Cut That Out! by Don Ryan
It's All Fun (William Haines) by A. L. Wooldridge
The Screen in Review by Sally Benson
A Confidential Guide to Current Releases
Hollywood High Lights by Edwin and Elza Schallert

On Sober Reflection by Horace Woodmansee
Pride Precedeth a Fall (Joseph Schildkraut) by Mona Gardner
Charlie Chaplin Wins His Derby by John Addison Elliott
The Early Winter Mode by Betty Brown
In and Out of the Studios
Over the Teacups by The Bystander
Join Novarro and See the World! by John Addison Elliott
Keeping Up the Sister Tradition by Dorothy Wooldridge
Whom Should an Actor Please? by Caroline Bell
"Good Copy" by Dorothy Manners
A Letter from Location (Madge Bellamy)
A Prophet of the Cinema (Hobart Bosworth) by Emma-Lindsay Squier
Gloria, the Versatile (Gloria Swanson)
A Test for Mary Philbin
Watch Out for This Boy! (Leslie Fenton) by Caroline Bell
Information, Please by The Picture Oracle

CD-R, 124 pages

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