Devil's Island

A Full Program Disc featuring Marian Nixon


A Full Program Disc
Welcome to an evening at the silent movies. In addition to the feature presentation this disc includes an Essanay comedy, a Mutual Weekly newsreel, another serial episode, a silent cartoon and a rare Vitagraph short. We've also added glass advertising slides, Photoplay Edition covers, a Sunrise Snippet and a trailer featuring two popular stars of the Silent Era. All films are color-tinted and accompanied by appropriate music scores. ~ ~ ~ We believe films such as these were typical of the silent movie-going experience. And much of the general "look" of the silent cinema is lost when a feature is presented in black and white without the shorts and slides. It is our sincere hope that after viewing this DVD you will feel as though you have just spent an evening at the movies in the silent days.

Feature Presentation
DEVIL'S ISLAND (Chadwick Pictures Corporation - 1926)
Pauline Frederick, Marian Nixon, George Lewis, Richard Tucker, William Dunn, Leo White, John Miljan, Harry Northrup. Directed by Frank O'Connor. ~ ~ ~ Leah Baird's romance about prisoners sentenced to Devil's Island for life. Fine performances by Pauline Frederick and 1924 WAMPAS Baby Star Marian Nixon.

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Short Subjects
Wallace Beery, Ben Turpin, Leo White, Betty Brown. ~ ~ ~ Here is a great opportunity to see one of Wallace Beery's "Sweedie" films. Apparently Sweedie was not only irresponsible but had a propensity for getting into trouble as well.

THE MUTUAL WEEKLY NO. 109 (Gaumont Company - 1917)
Another example of the weekly newsreel from the teens. Films such as this were a regular part of the program in the silent days. Nice photography, historic footage.

DREAMY DUD. He Resolves Not to Smoke (Essanay Film Mfg. Co. - 1915)
Silent animation from 1915 by Wallace Carlson. Animation in the Silent Era seemed to be very much influenced by the style of the Sunday comics and the films were frequently surreal. The image of Dreamy Dud on the moon evokes a romantic picture of days gone by.

Serial Episode
MYSTERY OF THE DOUBLE CROSS - Chapter 9 : When Jail Birds Fly (Pathe - 1917)
Mollie King, Leon Bary, Ralph Stuart, Gladden James. Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, William Parke. ~ ~ ~ When jail birds fly... they immediately set a trap for the rascally Bridgey Bentley.

The Screening Room
WHAT A CHANGE OF CLOTHES DID (Vitagraph Company of America - 1913) Maurice Costello, Clara Kimball Young. ~ ~ ~ What a great find this rare film is. Drew Barrymore's Great Granddad Maurice Costello together with Clara Kimball Young in a fine example of a Vitagraph production from 1913.

Additional Attractions

Color-tinted, 161 minutes total running time.

NTSC - Order # DIMN-N
PAL - Not Available

Price $23.95 USD



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