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Welcome to the frenzied world of Keystone. A place where men were wolves, women were flirts and wives were shrews. Keystone films were well made with good, often surreal special effects. While preparing the films for this disc we noticed a number of subtleties, some of them humorous and some explanatory, which had escaped our notice during the first couple of viewings. The films move quickly and require close attention, not only to follow the action but also to catch some of the gags as they race by. So sit back, relax and fasten your seat belts. We are pleased to present Keystone tonight.

A Desperate Scoundrel (1915)
Cast: Ford Sterling, Minta Durfee, Harry Bernard. ~ ~ ~ A desperate scoundrel (Ford Sterling) causes all kinds of mischief in a laundry.

A Hash House Fraud (1915)
Cast: Louise Fazenda, Fritz Schade, Hugh Fay, the Keystone Kops. ~ ~ ~ Louise Fazenda sure knows how to keep busy at the Busy Bee Beanery.

Fatty's Chance Acquaintance (1915)
Cast: Fatty Arbuckle, Minta Durfee. ~ ~ ~ Fatty tries to slip away from the wife, in search of a little side action.

Dollars and Sense (1916)
Cast: Ora Carew, Joseph Belmont, Nicholas Cogley, Blanche Payson, Malcolm St. Clair, Lige Crommie, Joseph Callahan. Directed by Walter Wright. ~ ~ ~ Ora Carew plays a young man who pretends to be a young woman in order to court his twin sister's suitor.

Color-tinted, 73 minutes.

NTSC - Order # KSF1-N
PAL - Not Available

Price $19.95 USD



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