Motion Picture Story : Feb 1913 : Alice Joyce

Vol. V No. 1

Cover Design: Illustration with Alice Joyce Insert

Gallery of Picture Players:
Lillian Walker, Gwendoline Pates, Whitney Raymond, Jackie Saunders, Ormi Hawley, Alice Joyce, Cleo Ridgely, William Ehfe, Gertrude McCoy, Anna M. Stewart (Anita Stewart), Edward O'Connor, Irving Cummings, Anna Q. Nilsson, Wallace Reid, Marshall P. Wilder, Marin Sais.

Photoplay Stories:
Three Friends by Luliette Bryant
Clamity Anne's Inheritance by Courtney Ryley Cooper
The Vengeance of Durand by Rex Beach
The Wives of Jamestown by Montanye Perry
The Elusive Kiss by Robert Carlton Brown
The Kiss of Salvation by Peter Wade
At Bear Track Gulch by Dorothy Donnell
Her Fireman by Edwin M. LaRoche
Child Labor by Henry Albert Phillips
The Insurance Agent by John Olden
The Spy's Defeat by Karl Schiller

Special Articles and Departments:
The Pathway of Progress (Drawings) by A. B. Shults
The Great Mystery Play
Chats with the Players (Walter H. Stull and George Reehm, Alec Budd-Francis, Augustus Phillips, Julia Stuart, Mignon Anderson)
Popular Plays and Players
A Word About Celebrated Stars in Photoplays by Robert Grau
Illustrated Condemnations (Cartoon Drawings) by Bernard Gallagher
Musings of "The Photoplay Philosopher"
Answers to Inquiries
Greenroom Jottings

CD-R, 180 pages

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