Motion Picture Story : Oct 1913 : Romaine Fielding

Vol. VI No. 9

Cover Design: Romaine Fielding

Gallery of Picture Players:
Edith Storey, Charles H. West, G.M. Anderson, Alice Joyce, Edgena de Lespine, Ethel Grandin, Harry Carey, Mary Charleson, Francelia Billington, Peggy O'Neil, Robert Drouet, Yale Boss, Barry O'Moore, Charles Arling, Gwendoline Pates, Marc MacDermott, Ormi Hawley, Juanita Dalmorez.

Photoplay Stories:
The Hermit of Lonely Gulch by Felix Dodge
The Counterfeiter's Confederate by Peter Wade
For the Son of the House by Edwin M. La Roche
A Leader of Men by Karl Schiller
The Blind Girl of Castel Cuilie by Irving Irving
The Ghost of the Hacienda by Courtney Ryley Cooper
Trooper Billy by Henry Albert Phillips
In the Clutch of the Paris Apaches by Leona Radnor
The Lost Millionaire by Dorothy Donnell
The Wall of Money by John Olden
Keepers of the Flock by Norman Bruce

Special Articles and Departments:
Where Cares Are Forgotten (Illustration) by A. B. Shults
Musings of "The Photoplay Philosopher"
Final Results in the Popular Player Contest for 1913 (Popular Player Poll)
Puzzle Contest
Literature and Filmland by William Lord Wright
From the Smallest Seed (Drawings) by A. B. Shults
Penographs of Leading Players
Chats with the Players (Courtenay Foote, Augustus Carney, Edgar Jones, Florence Lawrence, Violet Horner)
How to be a Detective (Cartoon Drawings) by A. B. Shults
Greenroom Jottings
Very Scarce, These Days (Cartoon Drawings) by Leslie Elton
Answers to Inquiries by "The Answer Man"
Letters to the Editor

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