Motion Picture : May 1914 : Norma Talmadge & Leo Delaney

Vol. VII No. 4

Cover Design: Norma Talmadge & Leo Delaney

Gallery of Picture Players:
Alice Joyce, Benjamin Wilson, Mary Pickford, Irving Cummings, Helen Marten, Roscoe E. Arbuckle, Lillian Gish, Mack Sennett, Edgar Jones, Marguerite Clayton, Lottie Briscoe, Blanche Sweet, George Cooper, Muriel Ostriche, Frankie Mann, Ruth Roland, J. Warren Kerrigan, Barry O'Moore.

Photoplay Stories:
The Sins of the Father by Rodothy Lennod
A Father's Heart by Alexander Lowell
Melody and Art by Claribel Egbert
The Return of the Twins' Double by Ellis Bronston
The Ghost by John Olden
In the Moon's Ray by Norman Bruce
A Princess of the Desert by Dorothy Donnell
The Riders of Petersham by Gladys Hall
The Miser's Reversion by Peter Wade

Special Articles and Departments:
A New Profession for Women by Edwin M. La Roche
What Is the Title of This Picture?
The Last Word in Motion Picture Exhibition by the Photoplay Philosopher
Another Ticket, Please (Drawing) by C. W. Fryer
Chats with the Players (Arthur Housman, Helen Lindroth)
Yesterday and Today by Harvey Peake
The Final Word on Censorship by John Collier
A Day with Earle Williams
Popular Plays and Players
Helen Marten, the Eclair Cameo Beauty by F. Marion Brandon
Provide for the Repeating of History by Leon Kelly
Musings of "The Photoplay Philosopher"
The Consolation by George Wildey
Big Stage Salaries by Robert Grau
A Few Simple Lessons (Drawings) by William Devlin
Greenroom Jottings
Evils and Dangers (Cartoons) by Bernard Gallagher
Great Artist Contest (Includes the May ranking of the most popular players)
Penographs of Leading Players
Is the World Growing Better? by Noel Holmes
Answers to Inquiries
Letters to the Editor

CD-R, 186 pages

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