Motion Picture : Oct 1914 : Earle Williams & Clara Kimball Young

Vol. VIII No. 9

Cover Design: Earle Williams & Clara Kimball Young

Gallery of Picture Players:
Vivian Rich, Charlotte Burton, Antonion Moreno, Irene Boyle, Benjamin Wilson, Edna Maison, Beverly Bayne, Harry Morey, Pearl White, Isabelle Rae, Mary Pickford, Carol Holloway, Lillian Gish, Lillian Drew, Harry Myers, Herbert Rawlinson.

Photoplay Stories:
The Cricket on the Hearth by Janet Reid
The Two Signs by Beatrice Howard
The Double Life by Karl Schiller
The Viper by Alexander Lowell
Broncho Billy, the Vagabond by Gladys Hall
The Blind Fiddler by Norman Bruce
The Angel of the Camp by Dorothy Donnell
The Reward of Thrift by Edwin M. La Roche

Special Articles and Departments:
Motion Pictures in Southern California by Albert Marple
Mother Goose of the Movies by Harvey Peake
My Search for the Missing Link by J. C. Hemment
A New Literary Profession by Henry Albert Phillips
The Stars that Shine Alway by Samuel J. Schlappich
Pretty Peggy Snow of the Thanhouser Company by John William Kellette
A Day with the Players by William Devlin
Poor Man's College by Judson D. Stuart
Winners of the Great Artist Contest
A Chat with Alice Joyce by Roberta Courtlandt
A Chat with Harold Lockwood by Bess Powers
How I Became a Photoplayer (Lottie Briscoe, Pauline Bush, Flora Finch, Pearl White, Henry B. Walthall, Romaine Fielding, Mary Maurice)
Brief Biographies of Popular Players (Beverly Bayne, Mabel Normand, Jean Darnell, Mildred Bright, Francis X. Bushman, Florence La Badie, Vivian Rich, Antonio Moreno, Rosemary Theby)
Their Preferences and Prejudices by Norbert Lusk
Expression of the Emotions by Eugene V. Brewster
Extracts from the Wills of Players
Popular Plays and Players
The Spirit of the Play by "Junius"
Greenroom Jottings
Great Artist Contest: The 100 Greatest Artists and their Votes (Poll)
Prize Photoplay Contest
Now That
Answers to Inquiries
Great Artist Letters
Letters to the Editor

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