Motion Picture : Jul 1918 : Alla Nazimova

Cover Portrait: Alla Nazimova
The Exhibitors' Verdict
The Motion Picture Hall of Fame
Opportunity Market
Letters to the Editor
Stage Plays That Are Worth While
Will You Sanction This? by Rex Beach
Louise Huff for Ingram's Milkweed Cream
Mary Pickford for Pompeian Beauty Powder
Rotogravure: Clara Horton, George Walsh, Madge Evans, Margarita Fischer, George Beban, Nigel Barrie, Elsie Ferguson, Miriam Cooper, Grace Darmond, Marjorie Daw, Wallace Reid, Pauline Starke.
My Ideal Girl (Wallace MacDonald, Bryant Washburn, William Desmond, Charles Ray, Antonio Moreno, Wallace Reid, William S. Hart, Edward Earle, Harold Lloyd.
A Eulogy to "Little Mary" by Arthur C. Brooks
Sunshine May (May Allison) by Roberta Courtland
The Quest of the Holy Yale by Maym Kelso
Letting George Do It (George Fisher) by Fritzi Remont
Scenarioizing a Great Play (The Yellow Ticket) by Tarleton Winchester
Interviewing a Star Behind Bars (Gladys Leslie) by Herbert Howe
Funny Happenings in the Studio and on Location by Harold Lockwood
To the People of the Movies by Frances Morrissey
The Latest and Greatest in the Rivoli Theater
And the Seventh is Sunday (Bryant Washburn Photos)
My Devilish Ambition (Alla Nazimova) by Hazel Simpson Naylor
The Screen Embrace (Photos)
A Little of My Life by Marguerite Clark
The Story of Sylvia Breamer and How She Nicked Out by Eleanor Brewster
Tempered Steel (A stirring Olga Petrova story) by Beulah Livingstone
Across the Silversheet (Movie Reviews by Hazel Simpson Naylor)
Entertaining Our Soldiers in Training by Stanley W. Todd
A Double Exposure (Charles Chaplin) by Fritzi Remont and Martha Groves McKelvie
Our Animated Monthly of Movie News and Views by Fritzi Remont and Sally Roberts
On the Appropriateness of Dress by D'Irwin Nemerov
The Diplomatic Director (Bob Vignola) by Joseph Franklin Poland
Baby Marie Osborne (Photo)
The Answer Man
Alma Rubens (Photo)
Enid Bennett (Photo)
Photodrama in the Making by Henry Albert Phillips
Jane Cowl (Photo)
Who's Who in Starland
Green Room Jottings
Little Whisperings From Everywhere in Playerdom
The Movie Dictionary
Constance Talmadge (Photo)
Questions That Stumped the Answer Man
Anita Stewart for Bonnie-B Veil

Films reviewed: Hearts of the World, Over the Top, Social Hypocrites, The Lie, La Tosca, The Life Mask, The Splendid Sinner, Tarzan of the Apes, Humdrum Brown, Twenty-One, His Majesty Bunker Bean, The Hillcrest Mystery, The Whispering Chorus, Love Me, Friend Husband, Unclaimed Goods, The Face in the Dark, A Dog's Life.

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