Motion Picture : Apr-May 1920 : Lillian Gish

Cover Portrait: Lillian Gish by Leo Sielke
Rotogravure: Mildred Davis, Alla Nazimova, Pell Trenton, Betty Blythe, Vincent Coleman, Virginia Faire, Gloria Swanson, Lucille Stewart and Madge Kennedy.
Step Out of Your Character! (Editorial)
"Lights!" Says Lillian! (Lillian Gish, Director) by Gladys Hall
The Caveman Cavalier (Rockcliffe Fellowes) by Adele Whitely Fletcher
Tonyesque Tennis (Antonio Moreno on the court)
Matrimony, Motion Pictures and Millinery (Jackie Saunders) by Peggy Gaddis
The One-Man Movie (John Emerson and Anita Loos) by Isador M. Stern
Lloyd: Laughsmith (Harold Lloyd) by James Fredericks
The 1920 Fame and Fortune Contest Opens
Alice à la Mode (Alice Joyce) by Betsy Bruce
The Walk-Offs (a novelette of the new May Allison production) by Grace Lamb
Sick-A-Bed-Lady (Jean Paige finds illness non-interviewer proof) by Adele Whitely Fletcher
The Domestic DeHavens (Mr. and Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Eastertide (Posed by Corinee Griffith)
Some Claytonesque Conceptions (Ethel Clayton) by Doris Delvigne
N. B.---Take Notice of Nigel Barrie by Sally Roberts
The Fan Fad of Frederick (Pauline Frederick)
The Woman Gives (The new Norman Talmadge offering in short-story form) by Janet Reid
Anita's Amibitions (Anita Stewart) by Truman B. Handy
The Mellow Art of Aitken (Spottiswoode Aitken) by Doris Delvigne
The Stage Mother Comes to the Screen (Emma Dunn) by Maude S. Cheatham
Touring the Missions (Dorothy Phillips)
That's Out by Tamar Lane
Lowe---and Behold! (Edmund Lowe) by Gladys Hall
Paris Green (a fictionization of the latest Charles Ray photoplay) by Norman Bruce
How Motion Pictures Aid Navy Recruiting by Logan E. Ruggles, U.S.N.
Across the Silversheet by Hazel Simpson Naylor
Mary Pickford Heads Popularity Contest
Our Animated Movie Monthly of News and Views by Sally Roberts
The Answer Man
The Screen Time-table

Films reviewed: It Pays to Advertise, When the Clouds Roll By, Eyes of Youth, The Gamblers, The Virtuous Vamp, What Every Woman Learns, The Golden Shower, Luck in Pawn, Hawthorne of the USA, The Heart O' The Hills.

CD-R, 148 pages

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