Motion Picture : Jun 1921 : Vivian Martin

Volume XXI Number 5

Cover Portrait: Vivian Martin
Gallery of Players: Alla Nazimova, Marjorie Daw, Leonora Ottinger, Antonio Moreno, Thomas Meighan, Carmel Myers, Nita Naldi, Virginia Faire, May Allison
The Unsophisticated Colleen (Colleen Moore) by Frederick James Smith
Gypsy Blood (The novelization of Pola Negri's new production) by Donald Calhoun
Because of a Dress-Suit (Jack Mulhall) by Maude Cheatham
Three Gifts (Gladys Leslie) by Harriette Underhill
The Wishing Moon (Mary Pickford)
May in Miniature (May McAvoy) by Gladys Hall
Life's Springtime (Richard Barthelmess, Marjorie Daw)
Sex and the Photoplay by Elinor Glyn
Nee Jean Page by Adele Whitely Fletcher
Of High Romance (Lew Cody's cinema career) by Gladys Hall
Her Forest of Arden (Corinne Griffith)
Constance Talmadge sketched by Cerline Boll
Kisses according to Cecil B. DeMille (inspired by "The Affairs of Anatol") by Hazel Simpson Naylor
Daddy o' June (Cullen Landis)
Scrap Iron (Charles Ray's forthcoming picture in story form) by Janet Reid
The Movies in Havana by W. Horne
The Extra Girl by Helen Carlisle and G. Francis Kaufman
The Poetry of Everyday (A character study of Mabel Ballin) by Adele Whitely Fletcher
Checks and Checkmates by John Emerson and Anita Loos
That's Out by Tamar Lane
Wallace Reid and Cecil B. DeMille
Are We Immoral? by Susan Elizabeth Brady
Along the Starry Way by Miles Hammond
What Would We Do Without the Movie Press Agent? by Eldon Kelly
Winners of Other Contests Achieve Success
Every Woman's Fairy Godmother by Corliss Palmer
Bob Hampton of Placer (The fictionized version of a Marshall Neilan production) by Norman Bruce
Paying for Personality by Maude Cheatham
Across the Silversheet by Adele Whitely Fletcher
California Chatter by Hazel Simpson Naylor
Greenroom Jottings
The Answer Man
Letters to the Editor
Stage Plays That Are Worthwhile

Films reviewed: The Old Swimmin' Hole, Too-Wise Wives, The Love Special, My Lady's Latchkey, Beau Revel, Jim the Penman.

CD-R, 116 pages

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