Motion Picture : Jul 1921 : Renée Adorée

Cover Portrait: Renée Adorée by Deane
Stage Plays That Are Worth While
Gallery of Players: Hope Hampton, Helen Jerome Eddy, Claire Windsor, Herbert Rawlinson, Conway Tearle, Gareth Hughes, Ethel Clayton, Katherine MacDonald
Pals - Posed by Breezy Eason in "The Big Adventure"
Twenty Years Versus Eternity by Benjamin Casseres
The Bachelor Hero (Eugene O'Brien) by Adele Whitely Fletcher
From Chadwick to California (Helen Chadwick) by Hazel Simpson Naylor
Days of June (Richard Barthelmess, Marjorie Daw Photographs)
Presenting - A camera study of Jackie Coogan (portrait)
Fulfilment (A character study of Virginia Faire) by Maude Cheatham
Title Technique (An article on scenario writing) by John Emerson and Anita Loos
The Girl from Nowhere by Donald Calhoun
A Clearing House for Kicks (Explaining the reason for the M.P.T.) by Lillian Montanye
Her Mecca (Alice Calhoun's outlook) by Betsy Bruce
Mrs. Dorothy Gish Rennie (An Interview with Dorothy Gish) by Gladys Hall
The Erstwhile Landscape Gardener (Rudolph Valentino's career) by Gordon Gassaway
That's Out by Tamar Lane
Of the House of Kings (Portrait of Mollie King and son)
Mantled With Shyness (A word portrait of Grace Darmond) by Joan Tully
Thru the Back Door (Mary Pickford's new picture in story form) by Gladys Hall
Passing Thru (A character sketch of Douglas MacLean) by Lillian Montanye
The International Monarch (Portraits of Emil Jannings)
The Literary Dynamo (Jeanie MacPherson's absorbing career) by Barbara Beach
Along the Starry Way (Intimate glimpses of the stars at Long Beach, California) by Miles Hammond
Between Scenes (Marion Davies Photographs)
The Editor's Page
"Uninvited Letters"
The Rival by Helen Carlisle and G. Francis Kauffman
A Wise Fool by Norman Bruce
Across the Silversheet by Adele Whitely Fletcher
California Chatter by Hazel Simpson Naylor
Greenroom Jottings

Films reviewed: Sentimental Tommy, Man-Woman-Marriage, What's Your Reputation Worth?, The Passion Flower, Lying Lips, The Queen of Sheba, The Oath.

CD-R, 116 pages

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