Motion Picture : Jun 1923 : Pauline Starke

Vol. XXV No. 5

Cover Portrait: Pauline Starke by Hal Phyfe
For No Reason At All... (Editorial)
Portrait Gallery: Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Betty Blythe, Mae Murray, Maurice Costello, Betty Compson, Francis X. Bushman, Beverly Bayne, Jobyna Ralston, Bebe Daniels.
We Discover Who Discovered Valentino (Rudolph Valentino, Natacha Rambova) by Gladys Hall, Adele Whitely Fletcher
Griffith Goes Again to the Southland (Photographs)
And Now There is a Little Mary (The Barthelmess Baby & Her Parents)
Footlights and Shadows (Alla Nazimova Photograph)
Susie Takes a Chance by Lucian Cary
Charles Chaplin, Pola Negri Drawing
Behind the Scenes with Pola (Pola Negri) by Harry Carr
The Ballet Class of Kosloff (Photographs)
The Pen of Ingram is also Graphic (Rex Ingram sketches)
A Genius is Embarrassing to Have Around (May McAvoy) by Donald MacGregor
Lest We Forget (Photos: George Loane Tucker, Harold Lockwood, Wallace Reid, John Bunny, Olive Thomas, Clarine Seymore, William Desmond Taylor, Mother Maurice, Billy Parsons, Bobby Connelly, Arthur Johnson, Bobby Harron, Florence LaBadie, Sidney Drew, Van Dyke Brooke)
Daddy (Fictionization of the Jackie Coogan Photoplay) by Janet Reid
Oh Dorothy! How Could You? (Dorothy Gish Photographs)
Genius and Talent (Charles Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish, Jackie Coogan) by Frederick Van Vranken
The Editor Gossips
Over at the Vidor's (King Vidor Photographs)
England's Filmland Beauty Challenge
Across the Silversheet by Adele Whitely Fletcher
Comment on Other Productions
That's Out by Tamar Lane
The Truth About Wives (Fictionization of the Betty Blythe Photoplay) by Peter Andrews
Letters to the Editor
Cartoon (Charles Chaplin, Pola Negri, Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Buster Keaton, Ben Turpin, Billy Bevan, Larry Semon, Snub Pollard, Theodore Roberts, Jack Holt) by John Decker
On the Camera Coast by Harry Carr
...And Love, A Simple Duty (Richard Barthelmess & Mary Astor Photograph)
The Stars and Their Planets by Terraize H. McDonnell
Harlequin of the Shadows (Frank Mayo Photographs)
The Reformation of Wallace Beery by Maude Cheatham
The Answer Man
Greenroom Jottings (Paragraphs About Plays and Players
3/4 page Coca-Cola Ad
Lois Wilson for Ingram's Milkweed Cream
Terra-derma-lax Ad (Agnes Ayres, Corinne Griffith, Marie Prevost, Enid Bennett)

Films reviewed: Safety Last, Bella Donna, The Famous Mrs. Fair, The Bolted Door, The Little Church Around The Corner, Gossip, The Shriek of Araby, The White Flower, Jazzmania, Othello, Can A Woman Love Twice?, Success, Mr. Billings Spends His Dime, Minnie, If Winter Comes, Daddy, The Isle of Lost Ships, Where the Pavement Ends, The Buster, Giants vs. Yanks, Just Like a Woman, Scars of Jealousy, The Love Nest, The Man From Glengarry.

CD-R, 124 pages

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