Motion Picture : Dec 1924 : Viola Dana

Cover Portrait: Viola Dana by Albert Vargas
Portrait Gallery: Pauline Frederick, Mabel Ballin, Jean Paige, Eugene O'Brien, Elsie Ferguson, Blanche Mehaffy, Betty Bronson, Pierre Gendron, Bessie Love.
Pola Negri (Who posed especially for you in her own home)
Ramon in Rome (Two snaps of Ramon Novarro, taken in Italy)
Offering a Few Lessons in the Art of Make-Up
Their "Other Self" Comes Out in a New Role
Movies That You Never See (humorous sketches by Eldon Kelly)
Two Woodsmen (Eleanor Boardman and "Peter the Great" in a scene from The Silent Accuser)
Reeling With Laughter (Amusing scenes from current comedies and other feature productions)
"A Miss Is as Good as Her Smile" (Studies of Norma and Constance Talmadge)
Pipe Dreamers You've Dreamed About (Five motion picture actors with their pipes)
Daughters of Eve (Carmel Myers, Baby Peggy, and Betty Compson eating apples)
News and Views of Eastern Stars
The Star That Refused to Twinkle (Viola Dana) by Harry Carr
My Two Years in America by Ernst Lubitsch
The Story of My Life by Corinne Griffith
Just Exactly What You are Up Against (Breaking into the movies)
How Cecil De Mille Picks 'Em (Describing his famous test for stars, and how Vera Reynolds passed it) by H. D. Cardon
What I Can Read in the Faces of the Film Stars (Gloria Swanson, Anita Stewart, Bert Lytell and Ben Lyon) by F. Vance De Revere
A Tune for a Tear by Doris Denbo
Just Bill Farnum (An appreciation of long-popular movie hero William Farnum) by Harry Carr
A Sainted Devil (A fictionization of Rudolph Valentino's latest picture) by Geo. B. Jenkins, Jr.
Confidences Off-Screen (Amusing incidents and anecdotes) by W. Adolphe Roberts
The Girl Who Couldn't Be Bad (The concluding chapter of our serial) by Henry Albert Phillips
That's Out (Keen comment about the people and affairs of Movieland) by Tamar Lane
Why Did They Doll Up Dempsey? by Walter Haviland
Movies in Our Foreign United States by Katherine Merriam
Pshaw, Mr. Shaw! (Editorial comment)
The Winners of the Month by Laurence Reid
On the Camera Coast (News about stars and studios on the Pacific Coast) by Harry Carr
We're Asking You (A question-box for our readers)
Critical Paragraphs About New Productions
Letters to the Editor
The Answer Man
What the Stars Are Doing by Gertrude Driscoll

Films reviewed: Captain Blood, Circe the Enchantress, Merton of the Movies, Sinners in Heaven, Flirting With Love, The Speed Spook, Dynamite Smith, His Hour, Open All Night, Messalina, The Female, Sinners in Silk, The Cyclone Rider, Hit and Run, It Is the Law, The Battling Orioles, Wine, Another Scandal, Western Luck, One Law for the Woman.

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