Motion Picture : Apr 1925 : Pola Negri

Cover Portrait: Pola Negri by M. Paddock
A Guide to 100 Current Pictures
Sight Gives Insight (Editorial)
Portrait Gallery: Carmel Myers, Robert Agnew, Julanne Johnston, Richard Dix, Leatrice Joy, Constance Bennett, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Warner Baxter and Mae Murray.
They're Cheaters (Pictures scrambled together out of odds & ends) by Harry Carr
Some Wild Women
Ramon Novarro as The Galley Slave (Photograph)
Hollywood's New Sheik (Paul Ellis) by Harry Carr
The Story of My Life by Lois Wilson
Seeing Stars! (A page of sketches)
Malcolm McGregor and Daughter Jean Play Hookey (Photos)
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks (Virginia Valli Photos)
What Do The Stars Do with Their Old Clothes? by Dorothy Donnell Calhoun
The Mystery of Pola Negri by Harry Carr
New Toys (Fictionization of Richard Barthelmess' new picture) by Lynn Fairfield
Three is Not a Crowd (Home Study of the Barthelmess Trio)
Reeling With Laughter
Facts I Can Read in The Faces of Stars (Norma Shearer, Doris Kenyon, Jack Pickford, Lionel Barrymore) by F. Vance de Revere
Portraits of Winners of Beauty Contests Who are Now Stars
Whose Hand? (Part IV of our mystery serial) by W. Adolphe Roberts
A Pensive Mary Pickford (Portrait)
New Pictures in Brief Review (24 films just released) by Laurence Reid
They've Just Received The Degree of M. R. S. (Mrs. Cruze, Mrs. Blue)
Confidences Off-Screen (Norma Talmadge, Antonio Moreno, Milton Sills) by W. Adolphe Roberts
Four Great Stars Appearing in Phantom of The Opera
That's Out by Tamar Lane
Gloria Swanson Greets You
Me and My Dog (Men Stars and Their Dogs)
The Baby Wampas Stars
What's Wrong With This Picture? (Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolph Valention, Jackie Coogan Photo)
We're Asking You
East Can Be West (Anna May Wong Photos)
On The Camera Coast by Harry Carr
Cheers and Hisses
What Makes an Actor Great (Studies of George Hackathorne)
Along The Atlantic Way
The Answer Man
What The Stars are Doing by Gertrude Driscoll

Films reviewed: Peter Pan, Argentine Love, So Big, A Lost Lady, The Salvation Hunters, East of Suez, Bad Company, A Thief in Paradise, The Lighthouse by the Sea, The Deadwood Coach, So This Is Marriage, The Dancers, The Dixie Handicap, Frivolous Sal, The Narrow Street, Barriers Burned Away, Locked Doors, Playthings of Desire, Ports of Call, Troubles of a Bride, Tomorrow's Love, The Wife of the Centaur, If I Marry Again, In Love with Love.

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