Motion Picture : September 1925 : Alma Rubens

Vol. XXX No. 2

Cover Design: Alma Rubens by M. Paddock

Portrait Gallery: Priscilla Bonner, Lilyan Tashman, Edmund Lowe, Virginia Lee Corbin, Kenneth Harlan, Ben Lyon, Norma Shearer, Lloyd Hughes, Myrna Loy.

The Greater Movie Season (Editorial) by Eugene V. Brewster
We're Asking You
A Guide to Current Pictures
Cheers and Hisses
The Bulletin Board
The Fight for the Crown (Gloria Swanson, Pola Negri) by Harry Carr
The Greatest Love Story Ever Filmed (John Barrymore, Mary Astor, Lois Wilson)
Confidences Off-Screen (Doris Kenyon, Mae Murray, Ben Lyon, Virginia Valli) by W. Adolphe Roberts

Meet the Handsome New Sheiks Who are Storming the Screen (Lawrence Grey, Richard Arlen, Grant Withers, Hugh Allen, Gardner James, Ernest Gillen, Paul Ellis, Don Alvarado, William Boyd, Charles Farrell, Robert Ames, Gayne Whitman, Russell Ritchie, William Powell, Raymond Keane, Leslie Fenton) by Dorothy Calhoun

No! They're Not Happy, even with Wealth & Fame (Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Charles Chaplin, Lillian Gish, Rudolph Valentino, Mae Murray, Ramon Novarro, Harold Lloyd, Louise Fazenda) by Harry Carr

100 Degrees in the Shade (Milton Sills, Zasu Pitts, Natalie Kingston, Marie Prevost, Helene Chadwick, Kenneth Harlan, Sam Wood, Mabel Ballin, Malcolm McGregor with daughter Joan, Colleen Moore) (Photos)

Here's the Reason Why They're Still Bachelors & Spinsters (Rod La Rocque, J. Warren Kerrigan, Jetta Goudal, George O'Brien, John Roche, Madge Bellamy, Edmund Burns, Norma Shearer, Richard Dix, Dorothy Devore, Robert Agnew, May McAvoy)—[Jetta, Madge, Norma, Dorothy & May were spinsters?!? ...Man, some spinsters!—Rich]

Star Points on Sun & Wind (Nita Naldi, Vera Reynolds, Pauline Starke, June Marlowe, Natalie Kingston, Alberta Vaughn)

3 Interviews (Alma Rubens, Ricardo Cortez) by M. W. Driver
The Seven Sleepers by Clare Montaven
The Uncanny Mr. Chaney (Lon Chaney) by Homer Currie
Mary Carr (Portrait)
Motion Picture, Jr.
Rendezvous with a Faun (Sally Rand Portrait with descriptive poem) by Francisco San
That's Out by Tamar Lane
Do You Remember? (Mae Marsh, Ivor Novello Photo)
The Desert Flower (Colleen Moore's picture told in story form) by Gordon Malherbe Hillman
Introducing the Quartermaster-General of the U.S. Movies (Fred Harris)
The Princess Who Loved an American (Norma Talmadge, Eugene O'Brien in a scene from Graustark)

What is a Star? by Eugene V. Brewster
Intelligence Tests
Ten or Fifteen Years Ago
New Pictures in Brief Review by Laurence Reid
Speak Up!
Looks or Cooks? (Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman Photos)
On the Camera Coast
Ramon Strums his Lute & Sings a Song to his Lillian (Ramon Novarro Photo)
Behind the Fitting-Room Door by Virginia Penn
"St. Patrick's Day in the Morning" (John Patrick Photos)
The Author's Solution to The Fangs of the Leopard
In and Out of the Eastern Studios
The Answer Man
What the Stars are Doing by Gertrude Driscoll
The Great Cross-Star Puzzle

Films reviewed: Don Q, The Little French Girl, The Spaniard, Beggar on Horseback, Any Woman, I'll Show You the Town, My Wife and I, Old Home Week, Drusilla With a Million, Wildfire, Kiss Me Again, Parisian Nights, Siege, The Prince of Pleasure, Stop Flirting, The Crimson Runner, Just a Woman, Are Parents People?, Eve's Secret, The Teaser, Hearts and Spurs, Scandal Proof, Silent Sanderson, The Desert Flower

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