Motion Picture : May 1926 : Bebe Daniels

Vol. XXXI No. 4

Cover Design: Bebe Daniels by Marland Stone

Portrait Gallery: Pola Negri, Colleen Moore, Blanche Sweet, Conrad Nagel, Louise Fazenda, Ann Pennington, Clive Brook, Lillian Rich, Ernest Torrence.

What's Wrong With the Movies? (Editorial) by Eugene V. Brewster
The Bulletin Board
The Star Who Lost a Million (Charles Ray) by Alice Tildesley
"If I Were A Bride" (Photos of silent actresses)
The Stars Step Out (Photos)
High Life in Hollywood (Marion Davies' Costume Ball) by Eugene V. Brewster
The Story of Dolores Costello is a Real Romance of the Movies
Good Streaks of Bad Luck by Mignon Rittenhouse
A Prodigal's Return (Sessue Hayakawa Photos)
Don't Call Her a Lady (Aileen Pringle) by Selma Robinson
"Would I Marry An Actor?" (Silent Actresses Discuss the Husband Problem)
Our Old Friend, the Caveman (Ben Lyon Photo)
Under the High Hat (Raymond Griffith) by Selma Robinson
Bebe's Mother Tells All (Bebe Daniels) by Dorothy Donnell
Broadway's New Sport by Esther Carples
If You Can't Be Pretty Be Interesting (Fashion Tips) by Alice Tildesley

Back of the Camera by Mignon Rittenhouse
The Crew Needed to Film One Scene (Photo)
Gossip of the Camera Coasts by Agnes Smith and Milton Howe
Impressions of Hollywood by Eugene V. Brewster
The Mysterious Stranger (Greta Garbo) by Rilla Page Palmborg
Why Not Give a Movie Party? (Photos)
There's Tricks in all Trades by Jane Tilton

Motion Picture Jr.:
A Little Girl in a Big House (Mildred Gloria Lloyd) by C. H. Phillips
Pauline Garon's Nephews by Margaret Mabury
When I was a Little Boy by Wallace Beery
The Junior Answer Man (Joe Cobb answers questions from junior readers)

That Perfect Boss (Irving Thalberg) by Alice Leslie
Just Among Ourselves by Agnes Smith
Local Boy Makes Good (William Haines) by Sara Redway
That's Out by Tamar Lane
All Aboard the Limerick Liner
When Mother Knew Best (Irene Rich) by Elisabeth Petersen
Honorable Mention by Laurence Reid
The Picture Parade by Laurence Reid and Agnes Smith
Shall I Go Into the Movies? by Marion Meyer Drew
The Girl With the Funny Face (Alberta Vaughn) by Alice Leslie
Whose Hand? by F. Vance de Revere
The Box-Office Speaks
Say It With Letters
That Lucky Rogers Boy (Buddy Rogers) by Gertrude Shinn
The Answer Man
A Guide to Current Pictures
How I Broke Into the Movies by Spec O'Donnell
Brief Reviews of New Films by Helen Sursa

Films reviewed: La Boheme, Mare Nostrum, Behind the Front, The Grand Duchess and the Waiter, Ibáñez' Torrent, Moana, Dance Madness, Oh, What a Nurse, The Yankee Señor, The Blackbird, The Auction Block, What Happened to Jones, Partners Again, Dancing Mothers, Sea Horses, The Song-and-Dance Man.

Brief Film Reviews: The Man Upstairs, The Cowboy and the Countess, Queen O' Diamonds, The Caveman, Driftin' Thru, The Midnight Flyer, Other Women's Husbands, When Love Grows Cold, The Johnstown Flood.

CD-R, 126 pages

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