Motion Picture : Jun 1927 : Gilda Gray

Cover Portrait: Gilda Gray by Marland Stone
Rotogravure: Anna May Wong, Claire Windsor, Dorothy Cummings, Margaret Morris, Richard Barthelmess, Thomas Meighan, Eleanor Boardman
What Makes Women Beautiful? by Grace Corson
The Grand Old Man of the Studios (Theodore Roberts Portrait)
The Beach House of a Movie Magnate (Louis B. Mayer Pictures)
Hollywood Legends by Betty Peters
The Rin-Tin-Tins (Pictures)
Movies in the Schoolroom (Editorial) by Major George K. Shuler
For Better or for Worse by Elizabeth Petersen
What is Wrong With This Picture?
When We Will Really Have Talking Movies (Jesse L. Lasky, Irving G. Thalberg, Douglas Fairbanks, John McCormick, Cecil B. DeMille, Samuel Goldwyn, Al Christie, Hal Roach, Clarence Brown, Fred Niblo, Douglas MacLean) by Milton Howe
Where Are The Movie Villians of Yesteryear? (Drawings) by Ken Chamberlain
One of These Charming People: (Warner Baxter) by Helen Carlisle
Our Unofficial Ambassadors (Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks) by Dwinelle Benthall
The Great Scenes of the Movies (selected by the screen-players)
When the Stars Take Their Pen in Hand
The Girl With One Dress (A Mystery Story With Hollywood for a Stage) by A. M. Williamson
Mr. Coolidge Goes to the Movies by William A. Orr
News of the Camera Coasts (The Latest News and Photographs of the Players) by Elizabeth Greer and Milton Howe
Without Benefit of the Grease-Paint by Adele Whitely Fletcher
Motion Picture Junior (Sally O'Neil)
Scandinavian Hospitality (Lars Hanson) by Rilla Page Palmborg
Now Comes the Natural Vision Picture (Stereoscopic movies)
What every June Bride Should Know (Fashion) (Carmel Myers, Louise Brooks, Gilda Gray, Pauline Starke, Mary Brian, Margaret Morris, Dorothy Phillips, Lil Dagover)
The Picture Parade (Movie Reviews)
Roxy Does His Stuff (Pictures)
On The Road With Ramon Novarro by Herbert Howe
All Aboard the Limerick Liner
A Sure Enough Cowboy (Gary Cooper) by Joan Cross
"Shall I Go Into the Movies?" (What the Stars Forecast for You in a Career) by Marion Meyer Drew
The Living Room Out-of-Doors by Stephan Goosson
The Answer Man
What The Stars Are Doing by Marion Martone
The Thing To Do - Weddings by Mrs. Antonio Moreno (Etiquette Editor)
Golden Glint Shampoo Ad featuring a full-color portrait of a pretty girl by Rolf Armstrong
In Memoriam - Charles Emmett Mack by Faith Baldwin

Films reviewed: Metropolis, The Love of Sunya, Stark Love, Three Hours, Cabaret, The Rough Riders, 'Slide, Kelly, Slide', The Demi-Bride, The Beloved Rogue, White Flannels, Let it Rain, The Sensation Seekers, Blind Alleys, The Taxi Dancer, Evening Clothes, Mother

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