Motion Picture : Oct 1927 : Mary Brian

Cover Portrait: Mary Brian by Marland Stone
Terse Tidbits (Last Minute News of the Studios and Stars)
Squawks of a Self-Made Scenarist by Fred Myers
Rotogravure: Carmelita Geraghty, Dorothy Sebastian, Colleen Moore and John McCormick, June Collyer, Dolores del Rio and Ralph Forbes, Gary Cooper, Jobyna Ralston
The Wistful Mr. Langdon (Harry Langdon) by Dorothy Herzog
School Days, School Days (on the lot and on location for boys & girls in cinemaland) by Dunham Thorp
Doug Fairbanks, "The Gaucho" (Pictures)
Wanted---Ability (Interesting interview with Owen Davis, the noted playwright) by Esther Carples
Joy For Leatrice (Pictures of Leatrice Joy in her new Beverly Hills home)
The Most Beautiful Love Scene of the Month (Harrison Ford and May Robson Picture)
All Over the Lot (Editorial) by Gerald K. Rudulph
Movie Prejudices of 1927 by O. O. McIntyre
Six Ways to Become a Star (Janet Gaynor, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Billie Dove, Lilyan Tashman, Bebe Daniels) by Dorothy Manners
A Picture That Was No Picnic (Lillian Gish and "The Wind") by Katherine Albert
Heaven's Easy (Fiction) by Maurice Ahern
Now Take Off Your Hat (Interesting experiences of a newsreel cameraman)
How Many Mistakes Can You Find? (Picture contest)
Scenes From Pictures (Quality Street, Cheating Cheaters, Sorrell and Son, Beautiful but Dumb, Sally in Our Alley, Body and Soul, Nevada, Tell It to Sweeney, The Joy Girl, Rose of the Golden West)
Some Racket - Chester Conklin and George Bancroft must have their exercise (Pictures)
Hollywood Has Gone to the Dogs (Hollywood people go dog crazy) by Milton Howe
"If You've Got the Show" (Story of Mike Shea, one of America's leading theater-owners) by Charles B. Taylor
Biographical Films (Drawings) by Ken Chamberlain
They're Married and Work Together (Katherine Hilliker and Captain Caldwell are conceded to be among the best of scenario and continuity writers) by Paul Thompson
News of the Camera Coasts by Alan Hynd and Dorothy Calhoun
The Latest News and Photographs of the Players Both on the Set and Off
Fashion Feast by Film Favorites (Louise Brooks, Mary Brian, Gertrude Olmstead, Esther Ralston, Louise Lorraine, Natli Barr, Marietta Millner, Norma Shearer, Dorothy Mackaill, Kathryn McGuire)
Give These Boys and Girls Some of the Credit - Those Who Serve Your Favorite Star (Pictures)
They Answered Opportunity (Pictures)
The Picture Parade (Film reviews)
Mary Pickford Plays at Work (Pictures)
Motion Picture Junior (Felix the Cat)
They Aren't Famous But Hollywood Loves Them by Dorothy Manners
Turning Points (Leading artists remember the day when the sun broke through the dark clouds) by Hal K. Wells
Stars I Have Made-Up (Max Factor) by Dorothy Donnell
The Answer Man
Senorita del Rio Suggests - A Mexican Menu (Dolores del Rio) by Rilla Page Palmborg
What The Stars Are Doing by Marion Martone
Ain't She Sweet? - Clara Bow by her private pool (Picture)
Grauman's Chinese Theater (Picture)
How Well Do You Know Your Movies?
Letters to the Editor

Films reviewed: Tartuffe, Twelve Miles Out, Fast and Furious, Naughty But Nice, Streets of Sorrow, Rich Men's Sons, Ten Modern Commandments, The Great Mail Robbery, Dearie, The Circus Ace, Singed, Dance Magic, The Callahans and the Murphys, The Poor Nut, The Blood Ship, The Rejuvanation of Aunt Mary, The Prince of Headwaiters, Power of Darkness, The Gingham Girl, Paid To Love, Man Power, Vocafilm.

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