Motion Picture : Nov 1927 : Vilma Banky

Cover Portrait: Vilma Banky by Marland Stone
Advertisement: Loves of Carmen (Dolores Del Rio, Victor McLaglen)
Terse Tidbits (Last Minute News of the Studios and Stars)
Letters to the Editor
Rotogravure: Joyce Coad, William Haines, Jacqueline Logan, Richard Dix, Mary Astor & Gilbert Roland, Dorothy Dwan, Gertrude Olmstead.
Fame (John Gilbert, Charles Farrell) by Dorothy Manners
Spanking the Stars by Helen Louise Walker
Grounds For Inspiration (Photographs)
Poesy Portraits
Anita Loos in Search of a Blonde by Lynn Fairfield
As He Would Do It (Charles Ray Portrait)
All Over the Lot (Editorial) by Gerald K. Rudolph
The Battle of the Bankrolls by Benj. B. Hampton
Alias A Man of Sorrows (H. B. Warner) by Lulu Case Russell
It Was Not Like This in the Olden Days (Studio Bungalow Photos)
Tuesday is His Lucky Day (George Bancroft) by Helen Louise Walker
The Grit of Anna Q. Nilsson by Dorothy Donnell
Dick, the Dreamer (Richard Barthelmess) by L. M. Lamm
Little Miss Innocence (Lois Moran) by Dorothy Calhoun
Scenes from New Pictures (Photos)
So That Was It (Fiction) by Gordon Stiles
What If! (Drawings by Kauffman)
News of the Camera Coasts by Dorothy Calhoun
The Stage
Fall Fashions (Myrna Loy, Colleen Moore, etc)
Moods to Fit the Occasion (Joan Crawford) by Dunham Thorpe
The Picture Parade (Film reviews)
Proving it isn't All Luck (Milton Holmes Photos)
Motion Picture Junior (Draw Fred Thomson)
A Honolulu Honeymoon (Laura La Plante & William Seiter) by Mary Bartol
Halloween (Photos)
Kissing According To Custom (Photos)
The Answer Man
Advertisement: Princess Pat (Mary Philbin)
When Harold Lloyd Serves a Barbecue by Rilla Page Palmborg
Soon to the Altar (Norma Shearer & Irving Thalberg)
Photo (Rin-Tin-Tin with Myrna Loy & Leila Hyams)
Advertisement: Clara Bow Hat
What the Stars Are Doing by Marion Martone
How Well Do You Know Your Movies? (Trivia)

Films reviewed: Wings, The Patent Leather Kid, Painting the Town, Barbed Wire, Adam and Evil, Lonesome Ladies, The Satin Woman, His Dog, The Fighting Eagle, Judgment of the Hills, Service for Ladies, The Stolen Bride, Underworld, After Midnight, Smile Brother Smile, Hard Boiled Haggerty, Les Miserables, Mockery, Madame Pompadour, Hula.

CD-R, 126 pages

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