Motion Picture : Oct 1928 : Dorothy Devore

Cover Portrait: Dorothy Devore by Marland Stone
In the Starry Kingdom by Marion Martone
Whispering Wires
Left Overs—Hollywood Night And Day by Walter Ramsey
Portrait Gallery: Myrna Loy, George Duryea, Sally Eilers, Doris Dawson, Jean Arthur, William Haines, Lilyan Tashman, Richard Dix.
Camera! (Editorial)
Filling Their Shoes by Herbert Cruikshank
Pan-Handling (Marceline Day Photo)
A Kid that Looks Like a Gun by Lamar Trotti
A Moral Leopard (Nancy Carroll Photo)
The Screenless Screen (Clarence Brown) by Burt Knight
So Good to their Mothers by Gladys Hall
In and Out of Focus—Gossip of the Stars and Studios
Your Neighbor Says by Walter Ramsey
Laugh that Off (Donald Reed) by Dorothy Manners
A Pout to be Kissed (Sue Carol Photo)
Baby Stars Learn Talkie-Talk by Cedric Belfrage
Charmingly Moore-iental (Colleen Moore Photos)
Dressed to Kill (Mary Brian Photo)
Nijinska Dances Alone (Romola Nijinska) by Herbert Cruikshank
The Star-Diggers by Gladys Hall
Hellywood by Walter Ramsey
Vilma Banky Photo
A Cynic of the Cinema (William K. Howard) by Dorothy Manners
His Infinite Variety (Caricatures of Emil Jannings by D. G. Shore)
Mary Pickford Bids Good-bye to Curlhood by Dorothy Calhoun
The Picture Parade by Elizabeth Goldbeck
It for the Itless by Gladys Hall
Forcasting About by Herbert Cruikshank
In Love and Incog (Norma Shearer, Irving Thalberg) by Dunham Thorp
Leaves from a Lady's Diary (Ruth Roland) by Faith Service
Letters to the Editor
Phyllis Haver Photo
Why Movies Go Wrong by Cedric Belfrage
First-Day Fever by Hal K. Wells
Gulliver Travels (Dorothy Gulliver) by Mary Bartol
Neil Hamilton Photo
The Answer Man

Films reviewed: The Battle of the Sexes, The Mysterious Lady, A Woman Disputed, A Woman of Moscow, Four Walls, Celebrity, The Cardboard Lover, The Waterhole, The Bellamy Trial, The First Kiss, Three Ring Marriage, Show People, Just Married, Craig's Wife, The Perfect Crime, Woman They Talk About.

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