Motion Picture : Dec 1928 : Anita Page

Cover Portrait: Anita Page by Marland Stone
Rotogravure: Mary Duncan and Charles Morton, Nancy Carroll, Gloria Swanson, Corinne Griffith, Nils Asther, Vilma Banky, Madge Bellamy, Gary Cooper.
Camera! (Editorial)
Mae Murray's Baby by Rilla Page Palmborg
Sweetheart Time (Eddie Nugent, Josephine Dunn Photograph)
Charlie Chaplin's One Great Love by Dorothy Donnell
Again A Garbeau (Greta Garbo, John Gilbert Photograph)
Oo La La and Si Si (Would the foreign damsels marry our men) by Dorothy Spensley
Hidden Histories by Evelyn West
In and Out of Focus (Gossip of the Stars of Studios)
From Females to Flappers (George Fawcett) by Dorothy Calhoun
A Mississippi Missy (Laura La Plante Photographs)
Their First Fan Letters by Hal K. Wells
Reginald Denny, Isobel Stiefel Portrait
The Love-Life Story of Alice White by Ruth Biery
The Unhappy Warrior (Bebe Daniels as Joan of Arc - Photographs)
The Good Woman of Hollywood (Belle Bennett) by Gladys Hall
Nightmare a la Russe (John Gilbert, Greta Garbo, Renee Adoree Cartoon)
Love-Bait (You find the man: Hollywood furnishes the rumor) by Dorothy Manners
An Arabian Nightie (Sue Carol Photograph)
The Hi-Jackers of Hollywood by Herbert Cruikshank
A Bacchantedote For The Blues (Joan Crawford Photographs)
Which Charlie Will Win? (Charles Farrell, Charles "Buddy" Rogers) by Ruth Biery
Ship-Shapely (Clara Bow Photographs)
Virginia Bradford Portrait
Virginia's Real (Virginia Bradford) by Cedric Belfrage
A Siren with a Sock (Lena Basquette Photograph)
Big Boy Bancroft (George Bancroft) by Helen Louise Walker
Hot Togs (Gary Cooper, Lane Chandler, Neil Hamilton Photographs)
She Thought She Was Dunn (Josephine Dunn) by Dorothy Manners
Art: Gilt and Golden (Hollywood has historical museums of both sorts) by Dunham Thorp
Rextraordinary Care (Rex Ingram Photograph)
The Pride of Paris (Maurice Chevalier) by Lars Moen
A Standing Fayvorite (Fay Wray Photograph)
McAvoydable Mischief (May McAvoy Photographs)
When Sheiks are Shes (Nancy Carroll, Arthur Stone Photographs)
The Picture Parade (Film Reviews) by Elizabeth Goldbeck
The Celluloud Drama (News, Views and Previews of the Talking Pictures) by Herbert Cruikshank
Your Neighbor Says by Walter Ramsey
Letters To The Editor
The Answer Man
In The Starry Kingdom by Marion Martone
Whispering Wires
Left Overs (Hollywood Night and Day) by Walter Ramsey

Films reviewed: Singapore Mutiny, Manhattan Cocktail, Interference, Show Folks, Marked Money, Show Girl, Heart Trouble, His Private Life, Sal of Singapore, Moran of the Marines, Port of Dreams, Take Me Home, The Haunted House, The Divine Lady, Ransom, Do Your Duty, State Street Sadie, The Terror, Lonesome, Mother Knows Best.

CD-R, 124 pages

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