Motion Picture : Apr 1929 : Colleen Moore

Cover Portrait: Colleen Moore by Marland Stone
Starring Aimee Semple McPherson by Ruth Biery
Just One Big Family (Who's Whose Relative In Hollywood) by Herbert Cruickshank
Rotogravure: Edna Murphy, Sue Carol, Edmund Lowe, Gilbert Roland, Fay Wray, Hoot Gibson, Virginia Bradford
Camera! (Editorial)
A Trying Experience (Joan Crawford Photograph)
Pleasant Dreams (Vilma Banky Photograph)
This Heartbreak Business (The Sad Case of Eva von Berne) by Herbert Cruickshank
The Flesh and Blood Racket (Vanity Drives Hollywood to Suffer the Surgeon's Knife) by Dorothy Manners
In and Out of Focus (Gossip of the Stars and Studios)
Four-Footed Millionaires (Movies Have Made Fortunes for Rin-Tin-Tin and other animals) by Dorothy Donnell
Unconcealed Weapons (Bebe Daniels, Richard Arlen Photographs)
The Man Who Played Christ (H.B. Warner) by Gladys Hall
Ruth Elder Photograph
The Love-Life Story of Mary Nolan by Ruth Biery
Before and After Breaking (Estelle Taylor Depicts Several Stages in "The Taming of the Shrew")
Rich Girl, Poor Girl, Beggar Girl, Thief (Lois Moran Photographs)
Has He Really Suffered? (Gary Cooper) by Helen Louise Walker
Life and Times of a Honey (Phyllis Haver) by Cedric Belfrage
The Bride of His Life (Reginald Denny, Betsy Lee Photographs)
Earning Their Ant Eggs (Hollywood's Human Goldfish Must Swim Pretty or Go Hungry) by Helen Louise Walker
Puff Stuff (What Clara Bow Wears in the Boudoir Zone)
A Broken Set of Gishes (Dorothy and Lillian Gish) by Beatrice Wilson
The Bunniest Girls in Hollywood (Anita Page, Bessie Love, Raquel Torres Photographs)
Learn Sex Appeal at Home (Let Dorothy Mackaill Tell You How) by Joan Darby
The Picture Parade (Film Reviews)
Your Neighbor Says by Walter Ramsey
Fitting Apparel (Gloria Swanson Photograph)
If I Were A Man (Olga Baclanova); If I Were A Woman (William Powell) by Mary Standish
Shopping with Gloria Lloyd by Marie Conti
Bringing Out Father (Fathers of the Stars) by Grace Kingsley
Two Vaudevillagers (Skeets Gallagher, Jack Oakie Photographs)
It's A Greet Game (The Stars Send Christmas Cards Chiefly To Those They Don't Know) by Cedric Belfrage
A Medieval Modern (Joseph Schildkraut) by Dorothy Bay
Junior Coghlan Has Broken Up Many Homes by Donald Calhoun
Four Verses by Carmel Myers (Poetry)
Twelvetrees Without Trunks (Helen Twelvetrees Photographs)
Letters To The Editor
The Answer Man
In The Starry Kingdom by Marion Martone
Whispering Wires
Left Overs (Hollywood Night and Day) by Walter Ramsey

Films reviewed: The Jazz Age, Square Shoulders, All At Sea, Blockade, Looping The Loop, Thirst, Strange Cargo, Sunset Pass, The Rescue, My Man, The Shopworn Angel, Restless Youth, His Captive Woman, The Drifter, In Old Arizona, Wolf Song.

CD-R, 132 pages

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