Motion Picture : Sep 1929 : Fay Wray

Cover Portrait: Fay Wray by Marland Stone from a photograph by Russell Ball
Who Owns The Movies Now? by Herbert Cruikshank
True Hollywood Ghost Stories by Dorothy Manners
Rotogravure: Mary Eaton, Merna Kennedy, Betty Compson, Raymond Hackett, Marilyn Miller, Joan Bennett, Thomas Meighan, Winifred Westover
Camera! (Editorial)
A Taste For Tweets (Dolores del Rio)
What Hollywood Thinks of Broadway by Ruth Biery
Showing Their Teeth (Sue Carol, Nick Stuart)
The Screen Needs A New Hat (B. P. Schulberg) by Nancy Pryor
In and Out of Focus (Gossip of the Stars and Studios)
Knocking "The Cradle" (Joan Lowell) by Dorothy Calhoun
Reel Relaxation (Richard Dix)
The Actor's Union Mobilizes by Joan Maddock
Morning Glorious (Dolores Costello)
What The Stars' Love-Lives Prove by Ruth Biery
A Caviar Cavalier (Ivan Lebedeff gives Thelma Todd a course in love-making)
The Woman That Was Mary Pickford by Elisabeth Goldbeck
A Good Habit (Billie Dove)
The Embarrassed Embalmer (John Gilbert, Ina Claire) by Dorothy Calhoun
A Busy Beezer (Hal Skelly, Nancy Carroll)
Dry-Cleaning the Screen by Cedric Belfrage
Busy Bessie (Bessie Love)
Does Mother Know Best? by Walter Ramsey
A Pollyanic Pirate (Lupe Velez)
Esther Means Mother (Esther Ralston) by Gladys Hall
The Picture Parade (Film Reviews)
Home Town Boys and Girls (Lois Moran) by Dorothy Donnell
The Pedigree Peddlers by Helen Louise Walker
A Bookworm's - Eye View (Sally Blane)
Shopping With Mrs. James Gleason by Marie Conti
Sound-Tracking "The Virginian" by Elisabeth Goldbeck
In Tune With Herself (Loretta Young)
I Think I Am Very Good (Joseph Schildkraut) by Cedric Belfrage
Artist Proof No. 2 (Fay Wray)
Back Home and Oke (Constance Bennett) by Cedric Belfrage
From Tent to Temple (Movie Theaters Have Improved A Trifle In Twenty Years)
She Didn't Raise Her Boy To Be A Plumber (Charles Eaton) by Walter Ramsey
Letters To The Editor
The Answer Man
In The Starry Kingdom by Marion Martone
Whispering Wires
The Hollywood Circus (A Continous Performance) by Walter Ramsey

Films reviewed: Fashions in Love, College Love, The Climax, Father and Son, Black Waters, The Flying Fool, On With the Show, Evangeline, Fox Movietone Follies, Thunderbolt, The Idle Rich, The Green Murder Case, The Dance of Life, Broadway, Paris Bound, Careers.

CD-R, 134 pages

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