One Arabian Night

A Full Program Disc featuring Pola Negri


A Full Program Disc
Have you ever wondered how it must have felt to spend an evening at the movies during the silent era? We certainly have and so we've put together a program that we hope will provide a similar viewing experience. Although we will never see an original silent film program we imagine they were something like this...

Feature Presentation
ONE ARABIAN NIGHT (Projektion-AG Union/First National - 1920)
Pola Negri, Ernst Lubitsch, Paul Wegener, Jenny Hasselqvist, Harry Liedtke. Directed by Ernst Lubitsch. ~ ~ ~ Lubitsch and Negri go back to the 1,001 nights to recreate this tale of wondrous adventures that once took place between sun and sun. This film also features Paul Wegener (THE GOLEM), Jenny Hasselqvist (SAGA OF GOSTA BERLING) and Harry Liedtke (GYPSY BLOOD).

Short Subject
HIS PRIVATE LIFE (Educational - 1926)
Lupino Lane, Virginia Vance, George Davis, Glen Cavender, Wallace Lupino. Directed by William Goodrich (Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle). ~ ~ ~ This film contains beautifully choreographed slapstick sequences along with the rich visual humor that typified the silent era. Not only is it a joy to watch but you might find yourself wondering how some of the sight gags were achieved.

Serial Episode
MYSTERY OF THE DOUBLE CROSS - Chapter 4 : Kidnapped (Pathe - 1917)
Mollie King, Leon Bary, Ralph Stuart. Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, William Parke. ~ ~ ~ The twisting storyline of this episode raises the question, "Who kidnapped whom?" This chapter even contains a quick shot of the masked stranger unmasked, but by now you probably know who the masked stranger is anyway - don't you?

The Screening Room
THE VOICE OF HOLLYWOOD (Wardour Films - 1929)
Reginald Denny, Anita Page, Bobby Vernon, Mack Sennett, Julia Faye, Julian Eltinge, Marion Mack, Paul Whiteman, Frank Yaconelli. An early sound short featuring silent players. All cast members appear as themselves and all but Mack Sennett speak in this film. It is fun to hear the voices of the silent stars Reginald Denny, Bobby Vernon, and female impersonator Julian Eltinge.

Slideshow Presentations

Sunrise Comment

Color-tinted, 140 minutes total running time.

NTSC - Order # OANP-N
PAL - Not Available

Price $23.95 USD



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