Orchids and Ermine

Starring Colleen Moore


Feature Presentation
ORCHIDS AND ERMINE (First National Pictures - 1927)
Colleen Moore, Jack Mulhall, Gwen Lee, Sam Hardy, Mickey Rooney. Directed by Alfred Santell. ~ ~ ~ Pink Watson (Colleen) is seeking a rich husband but finds it difficult to distinguish the wealthy men from their valets. Colleen Moore in her prime.

[Please note—this title is being listed at a reduced price because the source material lacked sharpness.]

Colleen Moore was one of the most popular stars of the twenties. She started out in films as a somewhat undistinguished ingenue, and her break into stardom came in 1923 when she played Patricia Fentriss in Flaming Youth. It is worth noting that her husband John McCormick (production head of First National Pictures) got the role for her.

In Flaming Youth, Colleen provided one of the first screen incarnations of the flapper. Patricia Fentriss was coming of age and aspired to be worldly and modern—she soon discovered, however, that the fast lane was not for her. And from that role Colleen's screen flapper evolved.

I believe every star has a unique screen persona that sets her or him apart from all the others. Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and Clara Bow found their screen characters as soon as they stepped in front of the camera—and immediately became stars.

Some stars were not born quite so quickly however. Harold Lloyd really had nothing to distinguish him from other comedians until he put on the glasses. Likewise, Colleen Moore had nothing to distinguish her from the other ingenues until she cut her hair.

In the following clip we see both the character and independence of the screen flapper Colleen portrayed at the peak of her popularity.

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Serial Episode
MYSTERY OF THE DOUBLE CROSS - Chapter 12 : The Riddle of the Cross (Pathe - 1917)
Mollie King, Leon Bary, Ralph Stuart, Gladden James. Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, William Parke. ~ ~ ~ If you've been following this series you have probably solved its mystery by now—or at least believe you have. See if you still think you have the solution after watching the second half of this episode. All the major players are involved in the final scenes but there is a great deal of uncertainty as to what is actually going on.

Additional Attractions

Color-tinted, 99 minutes total running time.

NTSC - Order # OECM-N
PAL - Not Available

Price $19.95 USD



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