Photoplay : Apr 1915 : Blanche Sweet

Cover Design: Blanche Sweet
The Girl on The Cover (Interview with Blanche Sweet) by K. Owen
Rotogravure: Fay Tincher, Herbert Rawlinson, Beverly Bayne, Ben Wilson, Clara Kimball Young, House Peters, Ruth Roland, Jack Richardson, Marguerita Snow, Virginia Kirtley, Sidney Drew, Edith Johnson, Crane Wilbur, Irene Hunte, Marc MacDermott.
Anita Stewart: A Star-in-Law (Interview) by Julian Johnson
What is the Demon in Mary Fuller's Eyes?
The D.W. Griffith Way (The Great Director at Work)
Acting on the Sidewalk (Interview with Tyrone Power)
The Modern Cinderella (Poem) by Texas Guinan
Solution of "The Million Dollar Mystery" by Harold McGrath
Finding the Ten-Thousand-Dollar Girl by Terrence Eugene Ramsaye
Cofessions of a Volunteer
Movie Fans at the Battle Front
The Lady of the Cyclamen (Short Story) by Edith Huntington Mason
The Business of Smash
The Movies are Making Money - Let's Get After Them
Young Romance (Novelette) by Bruce Westfall
The White Goddess (Short Story) by Luther Buck
A Theatre with Four Million Patrons a Year
When the Lofty Temples Tumbled (Cartoon)
The Truth About Jim's Pa (Poem) by Nellie Cravey Gillmore
Genuine Camera Wedding
Spring Hats Worn by Movie Stars
Actor of a Thousand Roles (Harry Mestayer)
News of the World as Seen by the Camera Man
Answer to the Eye Puzzle (In March Issue)
Seen and Heard at the Movies - by Our Readers
Who's Married to Whom in the Movies
Scenario School Advertising Barred by Photoplay Advertising
Captain Leslie Peacocke
Dick Travers, Viking of Hudson Bay (Interview) by Johnstone Craig
Mr. Shubert Protests
Mavis of the Glen (Short Story) by Anna Pollock
The Question is Now Settled, "Movie" Has Won a Permanent Place in the Dictionary
Film Horrors
All for Peggy (Short Story) by Inez Reed
We'd Like to See (Wishes of a Movie Fan)
Producing War Dramas in England
Beauty to Burn (Serial Story) by George Orcutt
Going to the Movies in Japan
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