Photoplay : January 1916 : Pearl White

Cover Design: Pearl White
The Girl on the Cover (An unusual interview with Pearl White) by George Vaux Bacon
Pictures of Popular Photoplayers: May Allison, Tom Forman, Myrtle Gonzalez, Willam E. Shay, Mabel Trunnelle, William S. Hart, Mignon Anderson, Forest Stanley, Dorothy Gish, Mary Fuller, Romaine Fielding, Paul W. Santschi, Miriam Cooper, Rosemary Theby, Owen Moore.
Mary Pickford - Herself and Her Career (Part III) by Julian Johnson
Frontispiece (Cleo Madison)
Maurice Tourneur - Of Paris and Fort Lee. His Methods and His Artistic History
Myrtle Stedman (Photographs)
Farrar's Official Youngster (Marjorie Daw aspires to be a vamp) by Grace Kingsley
Ince's New Wonder Boy (Charles Ray, "The Coward" hero) by Kenneth O'Hara
Clara Kimball Young and Jimmie Young Become Mountaineers (Photographs)
Bessie Learn (The "Bantam Champ" of leading women) by Johnstone Craig
Dorothy Kelly (A twinkler who discovered herself) by Randolph Bartlett
Waste!! (A startling story of startling fact) by K. Owen
The Walls of Jericho? (The mammoth "set" for a vast new play)
The "Beauty and Brains" Contest (The Judges - News - Final month for entries)
Closeups (Editorial)
Mollie of the Movies (Her wedding is "solomonized" - Last installment) by Kenneth MacGaffey
Heard in the Dark (Bits of movie conversation)
Ambitions (Verse) by Robert B. Shapinsky
Seen and Heard at the Movies (Told by our readers)
Investing in the Movies (Some of the risks pointed out) by Paul H. Davis
Seen on the Street (Cartoons) by E. W. Gale
News-if (Some startling suppositions)
Adorning a Dawn (Concerning Hazel Dawn and her wonderful wardrobe) by Lillian Howard
Peggy (Short story) by Mrs. Ray Long
The Shadow Stage (A department of photoplay review) by Julian Johnson
The Gentleman from Indiana (Short story) by John Sheridan
Cleo, the Craftswoman (The complex Miss Madison analyzed) by William M. Henry
Plays and Players (The news you want to know)
Dr. Hero and Mr. Villian (A Close-up of Earle Williams) by Johnstone Craig
Tiggs' Corners Gazette (A page of backhome news) by A. Burstein
Hints on Photoplay Writing (Pratical helps for amateur authors) by Leslie T. Peacocke
The Star of the North (Another thrilling installment) by Frank B. Williams
The Houses They are Born In (Photographs of the big studios where photoplays are made)
The Smalleys (Photographs)
Questions and Answers (The Essence of Information)

Films reviewed: The Raven, The Lily and the Rose, Matrimony, Aloha-Oe, The Best of Enemies, Madame Butterfly, Still Waters, The Masqueraders, The Heart of the Blue Ridge, Pennington's Choice, The Yankee Girl, The Secret Sin, The Chorus Lady, Blackbirds, The Stagecoach Guard, The End of the Road, Carmen, Sweet Alyssum, Jewel, When Youth is Ambitious, The Cowardly Way, A Night at the Show.

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