Photoplay : Sept 1916 : Edna Purviance

Cover Design: Edna Purviance
Interviewing Edna Purviance by Wilma Awstruck
Pictures of Popular Photoplayers: Dorothy Kelly, Earle Foxe, Gerda Holmes, Beverly Bayne, Sidney Ainsworth, Norma Nichols, Bruce McRae, John Emerson, Mary Fuller, George LeGuere, Mary Charleson.
Introducing Tom Mix
Drama and the Screen by Thomas H. Ince
Alice Brady vs. William A. by I. S. Sayford
Valkyrien, a Brunhilde from Denmark
Polly of the Laughs (Polly Moran at Keystone) by Constance Severance
Mary Pickford to the Trenches
The Story of D. W. Griffith (The 4th part of an absorbing life history) by Henry Stephen Gordon
Shell 43! (Short Story) by C. Gardner Sullivan
Check Your Shoes, Sir? (What they do at the movies in Japan) by Jefferson Jones
Broadway, Cal. (The West Coast's Great White Way) by A. A. Cohn and Gordon Gassaway
All Aboard for Star-Land
An Author in Blunderland by Channing Pollock
Close-Ups (Editorial)
Breathless Announcements (A few moments with the press agents) by J. A. Murphy
Pete "Props" by Kenneth McGaffey; Drawings by E. W. Gale, Jr.
E. H. Sothern Before the Camera (Photograph)
Milady's Friend: Her Dressing Table by Lucille French
Universal's Prop Factory (Photograph)
Common Ground (Short story) by Jerome Shorey
Plays and Players by Cal York
Nutty News by R. L. Goldberg
The Glory Road (Serial - The great motion picture novel) by Francis William Sullivan, Illustrations by R. Van Buren
The Shadow Stage by Julian Johnson
Seen and Heard at the Movies
The Sting of Victory (Short Story) by Mrs. Ray Long
Photoplay Title Contest
Questions and Answers

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