Photoplay : Feb 1917 : Norma Talmadge

Cover Design: Norma Talmadge, painted by Neysa McMein
The Company on the Cover, Norma Talmadge, Inc.
Pictures of Popular Photoplayers: Anita King, Alan Forrest, Bessie Barriscale, John Bowers, Helen Jerome Eddy, Gladys Hulette, Harry Hilliard, Louise Fazenda.
Mr. Max Linder Says: by Gordon Seagrove
Sweet Sobber of the Celluloid (Mary MacLaren) by Grace Kingsley
Treeing Mae Murray Just to Shoot Her (Photograph)
Snow White (Short Story with photos from the Marguerite Clark film) by Mrs. Ray Long
A Vamp with a Goulash Name (Olga Grey)
A Double Twinkler (Viola Dana)
Billie Burke in the Title Role of "Motherhood" (Photograph)
Margarita's Menage (Margarita Fischer)
A Regular Toff (C. Aubrey Smith)
Harvesting the Serial (real romances of the "Continued-next-week") by Alfred A. Cohn
The Fodder of the Film Stars (a photographic study in gastronomy at the Ince studio)
Dickens - The Old and New
The Girl on the Calender (Vivian Reed)
A Fortune for an Idea
The Winter Capital of Reel New York
Rum, Romance and Remorse by Kenneth McGaffey
Closeups (Editorial)
Some Brenon Motions, Reed Emotions (including a crayoned visit with Clara Kimball Young) by Grant T. Reynard
Preaching by Pictures (How the film has become a valuable aid to the minister)
Shadows of Asia by Homer Croy
West Coast News of National Significance by E. W. Gale, Jr.
Financing the Movies (So far the "insiders" have got most of the profits) by Paul H. Davis
"The Club, James!" (about the L.A.A.C where the stars hold forth) by K. Owen
Lost: One Small Star (Bobby Connelly)
The Shadow Stage (A department of photoplay review) by Julian Johnson
Here's the Chaldean Who Built Babylon (If you've seen "Intolerance" you know what that means)
Plays and Players (News and gossip of the luminaries) by Cal York
The Foolish Virgin (Short Story) by Jerome Shorey
The Glory Road (Serial) by Francis William Sullivan
The "Plotography" of a Film Play (scenario construction) by Harry Chandlee
The Winter Pageant (The season's fashions told in words and photos)
Photoplay's Announcement for the New Year (The new ficiton policy of this magazine)
Limousines Are Clark-Lined This Season (Marguerite Clark Photograph)
"Her" New York (Short Story) by Constance Severance
Carmel; Her Caramels Are Coins (Carmel Myers Photograph)
Scenario Puzzle Contest
Seen and Heard at the Movies
Questions and Answers

Films reviewed: The Children Pay, American Aristocracy, The Microscope Mystery, Children of the Feud, A Sister of Six, The Wharf Rat, Atta Boy's Last Race, The Bugler of Algiers, The Measure of a Man, Eagle's Wings, Jim Grimsby's Boy, The Honorable Algy, The Devil's Double, The Criminal, Bawbs o' Blue Ridge, An Enemy to the King, The Dollar and the Law, The Price of Fame, The Cossack Whip, Less Than the Dust, The Plow Girl, The Years of the Locust, Unprotected, The Heir to the Hoorah, The Victoria Cross, Miss George Washington, Bought and Paid For, The Man Who Stood Still, The Madness of Helen, The Men She Married, Big Tremaine, The Brand of Cowardice, Extravagance, Pearl of the Army, Bombs, The Pearl of Paradise.

CD-R, 172 pages

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