Photoplay : June 1918 : Olive Tell

Cover Design: Olive Tell by W. Haskell Coffin
Art Portraits: Olivie Thomas, Viola Dana, David Powell, Earle Williams, Herbert Rawlinson, Pedro de Cordoba, Billie Burke, Mr. and Mrs. George Walsh, Edith Storey, Katherine MacDonald, Mary Miles Minter
Wandering with Wally (Wallace Reid) by Kenneth McGaffey
Photoplay Writing by John Emerson and Anita Loos
My Lady o' Dreams (Marie Doro) by Randolph Bartlett
Helpful Helen (Helen Jerome Eddy) by Kenneth McGaffey
Jackie Saunders in Her New Togs (Pictures)
A Bit of Jade (Fiction from the Mary Miles Minter Photoplay) by Elizabeth Sears
And the Elephants Beckoned "Come On, Come On" (Carmel Myers) by Verne Hardin Porter
A Gentleman and a Scholar (Milton Sills) by Alison Smith
The Fifth Estate (Editorial)
Star Dust by James R. Quirk
Making Mother Nature Show a Little Speed
Grand Crossing Impressions (Mabel Condon, Edna Earle and Others) by Delight Evans
Jimmy Stars at Last (Fiction) by Frederic Arnold Kummer
Devotion to Detail at Lasky's (Photographs)
A Tip for Pershing (James Morrison) by Dorothy Scott
The Eagle's Eye (Fiction) by Courtney Ryley Cooper
Hearts of the World (Review of the Griffith Film) by Julian Johnson
The Shadow Stage by Randolph Bartlett
Educational Films
Impressions by Julian Johnson
The Claim (Fiction) by Frances Denton
A Film Satire
Stars That Do Not Shine
Artist Gale's Impression of the Triangle Studio
Annexing Bill (Fiction) by Frances Denton
Close-Ups (Editorial Expression and Timely Comment)
The Bluebird (with Pictures)
Plays and Players (Breezy News from the Studios) by Cal York
Why Do They Do It?
Pictured Names Puzzle
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man

Films reviewed: Amarilly of Clothesline Alley, Huck and Tom, The Shell Game, By Right of Purchase, Who Killed Walton?, Love Me, Woman and the Law, The Brass Check, Innocents Progress, Three from O. Henry, Wild Youth, The Answer, Carmen of the Klondike, Ruggles of Red Gap, Inside the Lines, Within the Cup, Sunshine Nan, La Tosca, The Girl and the Judge, The Claim, Hearts of the World, The Life Mask, The Kaiser, The Hillcrest Mystery, The House of Hate, The Whispering Chorus, The Boss of the Lazy Y, A Daughter of France, The Lie, The Finger of Justice, Mack Sennett Comedies, Over the Top, Humdrum Brown, Social Hypocrites, The Splendid Sinner, My Four Years in Germany, The Business of Life.

CD-R, 124 pages

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