Photoplay : Aug 1918 : Mabel Normand

Cover Design: Mabel Normand by W. Haskell Coffin
Would You Ever Suspect It? (Mabel Normand) by Randolph Bartlett
Rotogravure: June Elvidge, Charles Ray, William Farnum, Richard Barthelmess, Webster Campbell, Maude Wayne, Roxanna McGowan, Myrtel Lind, Anita Stewart, Lillian Gish, Marguerite Clayton, Peggy Hyland, Marion Davies, Theda Bara, Lila Lee, Norma Talmadge, Miriam Cooper, Marie Doro
Diamonds and Paste (Editorial)
Gloria Glorified (Gloria Swanson)
Anybody Can Swim by Annette Kellermann
The Real Lillian Gish by Julian Johnson
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Pictures From the Marguerite Clark Photoplay)
Dorothy Dalton's "I Will" by John H. Blackwood
Headin' South (The Real Reason Jack Holt Left Alaska)
Vampire or Ingenue? (Louise Glaum) by Herbert Howe
Texas, the State of Excitement (Texas Guinan) by Johnstone Craig
Stars of the Screen and Their Stars in the Sky (Horoscopes of Roscoe Arbuckle and Beverly Bayne) by Ellen Woods
The Unexpected Happens (Pictures regarding Cecil B. De Mille's Chamber of Horrors)
Smileage (Pictures)
Missing (Fiction from the Photoplay) by Jerome Shorey
Gas Meter to Megaphone (Raymond West) by E. V. Durling
I Want to be a Film Star by Verne Hardin Porter
Pity the Poor Extras (Picture)
Act One, Scene One (Irving Cummings) by Alison Smith
Twixt Josephine and Joe (Josie Sedgwick) by Jay Cole
The Eagle's Eye (Fiction) by Courtney Ryley Cooper
A Queen His Star (Pictures - How English Nobility Posed for Griffith)
Close-Ups (Editorial Expression)
Maid of the Storm (Fiction from the Photoplay) by Dale Carroll
Animal Stuff by Susie Sexton
Miss What's-My-Name? (Doris Lee)
The Man Who Takes the Pictures (Alfred Cheney Johnston)
Grand Crossings (Johnanita - Have You Got It?) by Delight Evans
The Shadow Stage (Reviews of Current Photoplays) by Randolph Bartlett
Cramping His Style (Herbert Rawlinson) by Alison Smith
Plays and Players by Cal York
Educational Films
This and That (A Number of Interesting Pictures and Stories)
Bub's Diary (Pictures - One Day in the Life of a Movie Baby)
Why Do They Do It? (Inconsistencies in Pictures as Discovered by Readers)
A Great Fire That Died in Infancy (Pictures)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man

Films reviewed: Pay Day, Prunella, A Doll's House, De Luxe Annie, The Yellow Ticket, Cyclone Higgins, D.D., Toys of Fate, The Winning of Beatrice, Social Briars, Her Terrible Time, Joan of Plattsburg, High Stakes, Baree Son of Kazan, Missing, The Mysterious Client, Peg o' the Pirates, The Mating of Marcella, Believe Me, Xantippe, His Own Home Town, Old Wives For New, The Interloper, A Red-Headed Cupid, Who is to Blame?, $5000 Reward, A Soul For Sale, The Oldest Law, The Accidental Honeymoon, The Golden Goal, The Triumph of the Weak, Wolves of the Border, Her Decision, A Daughter of the West, True Blue, All Woman, The Street of Seven Stars, The Firebrand, Cecilia of the Pink Roses, Reclaimed, Blue Eyed Mary, Vengeance, Men, Confession, The Bravest Way, The Man Hunt, Stolen Orders, For Sale, More Trouble, A Broadway Scandal, Lend Me Your Name, A Game With Fate, Vivette, Love's Conquest, Ace High, A Square Deal, When Men Betray, The Fair Pretender.

CD-R, 124 pages

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