Photoplay : Oct 1918 : Marguerite Clayton

Cover Portrait: Marguerite Clayton
Constance Talmadge for Ingram's Milkweed Cream
Rotogravure: Mae Marsh, Elsie Ferguson, Paul Helleu, Enrico Caruso, John Barrymore, Raymond Hatton, E. K. Lincoln, Anne Luther, Edith Johnson, Fay Tincher, Constance Talmadge.
Bond Your Appreciation (Editorial)
The Photoplay League of America by Myra Kingman Miller
Roses for Charlie (Charles Chaplin, Olga Petrova)
"Cousin Carus" in the Land of Lights
"If You Have No Farm, Borrow One" (Edward Earle)
Friends Everywhere (Marguerite Clayton) by Dorothy Scott
The New American Face (Captain Robert Warwick)
Behind the Guns
An Estate in Sunny Calif-No! No! (Pearl White)
Raymond Hitchcock to Return to Pictures?
"Let's Get Together-Everybody!" by Lieutenant Samuel Rothapfel
The Road to France by Jerome Shorey
The Essential Ingredient (Bert Lytell) by Elizabeth Peltret
"Stage Experience? None!" (Mildred Harris)
Here are "Henry and Polly" (Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew)
A Screen-Inspired Genius (Romano Dazzi)
Cap'n Hart of the Horse Marines (William S. Hart)
The Dominant Race by Johnstone Craig
What about Screen Comedy—Tomorrow? by Harry Carr
Out of a Clear Sky (Marguerite Clark Photoplay) by Dale Carroll
Known Here as Mrs. Schenck (Norma Talmadge)
Grand Crossing Impressions (Delight Evans)
The Personality Test (Gladys Hulette) by Randolph Bartlett
Cheating the Animals (Marie Walcamp)
Riddle Gawne (William S. Hart Photoplay) by Gerald C. Duffy
Early to Breakfast (Taylor Holmes) by Dorothy Allison
Geraldine Farrar Doubling in the Movies
Why Do They Do It?
A Refugee From Russia (Hedda Nova)
An American From Tokyo (Mrs. Sessue Hayakawa)
The Shadow Stage by Julian Johnson
Irene Castle Will Carry On by Dorothy Allison
A Dramatist Who Came Back (Charles T. Dazey)
Stars of the Screen and Their Stars in the Sky (Maurice Tourneur, Pauline Frederick) by Ellen Woods
Anita's War Garden (Anita Stewart) by Frances Denton
He Rufused Five Thousand A Day (David Warfield)
Has Mary Pickford Retired?
Francis X. Busman & Beverly Bayne in "A Pair of Cupids"
Meet Nenette and Rintintin
Dorothy Dalton is Decorated for Kindness
Plays and Players by Cal York
Sons of the Sun in Arms by Julian Johnson
Educational Films
Olive Thomas for Carnation Milk
Questions and Answers

Films reviewed: All Man, For Husbands Only, We Can't Have Everything, Toton, The Danger Mark, A Pair of Cupids, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Vamp, Back to the Woods, The Glorious Adventure, Fedora, Waifs, Cupid by Proxy, The Dream Lady, A Pair of Silk Stockings, The Safety Curtain, Up Romance Road, The Ghost of Rosy Taylor, A Good Loser, By Proxy, Everywoman's Husband, Bound in Morocco, A Nine O'Clock Town, Wedlock, The Golden Wall, Heredity, Neighbors.

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