Photoplay : Apr 1919 : Marjorie Rambeau

Cover Design: Marjorie Rambeau by W. Haskell Coffin
Rotogravure: Dorothy Phillips, Lillian Lorraine, Valkyrien, Jeanne Eagels, Ekaterina de Galantha, Grace Valentine, Sybil Carmen and Martha Mansfield.
I Am the Universal Language (Editorial)
Ruined Cities of the Malibu
The Prussian Authocracy by R. L. Giffen
The Author's Strike by Channing Pollock
Cowpunchers of the Antipodes by William S. Hart
Grand Crossing Impressions (Frank Keenan) by Delight Evans
Ladies in Hades by Frederic Arnold Kummer
Ann Pennington in the New "Follies"
A Chat with Effingham K. Emptyface by R. L. Goldberg
Here Comes the Bride (Fiction - The Story of John Barrymore's Screen Farce) by Francis Denton
The Open Season for Salamaders (Wanda Hawley)
Directing a Photoplay by "Vibrations" (Helen Keller)
Everybody Calls Him "Johnny" (Johnny Hines) by Cameron Pike
The Next Genius - a Cameraman? by Antony E. Anderson
Doug Fairbanks Jumps 32 Years
Breed of Men (Fiction - Told from William S. Hart's New Picture) by Marion Craig
The Story of My Life (Third and Last Chapter) by Geraldine Farrar
E-x-t-r-y! Great Hollywood Disaster! (Virginia Lee Corbin) by Leigh Metcalfe
Odds and Ends (Pictures)
Close-Ups (Editorial Comment)
"Over the Top" Once More (How Movies Are Shown on the Ceiling in Convalescent Hospitals)
The Enchanted Barn (Fiction- The Story of Bessie Love's New Picture) by Janet Priest
Eliza + Susan = Zasu (Zasu Pitts) by Alfred A. Cohn
A Real Vaudeville Equilibrist (Ruth Roland) by Gloria Groves
The Shadow Stage (Reviews of the New Pictures) by Julian Johnson
How Pictures Discovered Charlie Chaplin by Edward Allan Biby
A Northern Star (Marjorie Rambeau) by Randolph Bartlett
The Better Photoplay League of America (News and Developments of the Month)
He Still Lives - On the Screen (Theodore Roosevelt)
Why Do They Do It? (Mistakes and Inconsistencies Seen in the Pictures)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
Plays and Players by Cal York

Films reviewed: A Romance of Happy Valley, Don't Change Your Husband, Mickey, Here Comes the Bride, The Midnight Stage, Shadows, The Great Romance, The Light, Who Cares?, The Dub, Romance and Rings, The Gold Cure, Restless Souls, The Hollow of Her Hand, The Fighting Roosevelts, Cheating Cheaters, Day Dreams, Under the Top, His Parisian Wife, Venus in the East, Out of the Shadow, For Freedom, Who Will Marry Me?, In for Thirty Days.

CD-R, 118 pages

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