Photoplay : Mar 1920 : Alice Joyce

Vol. XVII No. 4

Cover Design: Alice Joyce by Rolf Armstrong

Rotogravure: Mme. Petrova, Dagmar Godowsky, Anna Q. Nilsson, John Barrymore, Taylor Holmes, Blanche Sweet, Conway Tearle, Jane McAlpine

"Of the People—By the People—For the People" (Editorial)
Another Conjunction of the Stars (Anita Stewart & her Home) (Photographs)
If Christ Went to the Movies by Rev. Percy Stickney Grant
Beauty Spots of Filmafornia (Photographs)
Jublio (The Story of Will Rogers' New Film) (Fiction) by Terry Ramsaye
The Technique of Lovers by Clara Kimball Young
Enemies of the Screen by Randolph Bartlett
Who Has a Kangaroo? (Enid Bennett) by Gene Copeland
Superstitions in the Movies by Henry E. Dougherty
The Discrepancy Hound by John Arbuthnott
Photoplay's "Beauty and Brains" Girl—Now (Lucille Zintheo)
Close-Ups (Editorial Comment)
Photoplays We Don't Care to See (Mary Miles Minter, Charles Chaplin) Drawn by Norman Anthony
Taking Advantage of a Villain (Charles Gerrard) by Gene Copeland
Monkey Business by Mrs. Joe Martin
The Prince and the Pictures (Edward of Wales) by Betty Shannon
Clothes and Good Taste by Elsie Ferguson

Rotogravure: Elsie Ferguson, Harry Carey, Irving Cummings, Bryant Washburn, George Walsh, Natalie Talmadge, Mary Marsh Arms (Mae Marsh's daughter)

Plays and Players (News From the Studio) by Cal York
The Shadow Stage (Reviews of New Pictures) by Burns Mantle
Photoplay Magazine's Letter Contest
Director Gish (Lillian Gish)
In Search of a Sinner (Constance Talmadge's New Picture) (Fiction) by Jerome Shorey
Mae Marsh Is Back
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
Moving Pictures and Big Business
The Squirrel Cage by A. Gnutt
The Lady of Vast Silences (Alice Joyce) by Ada Patterson
Why Do They Do It?
More Beautiful Than the Elephants (Maurice Maeterlinck) by Betty Shannon
Mary Pickford—Director
"Whiskers"—King of Charles Ray's Kennel
The Extra Girl Snickers by Helen Smith
Our Readers Say: (Letters)

Films reviewed: The Greatest Question, The Copperhead, Red Hot Dollars, Huckleberry Finn, The Cup of Fury, Should a Woman Tell?, "Water, Water, Everywhere!", When the Clouds Roll By, Everywoman, "Pinto", The Willow Tree, Behind the Door, Mary's Ankle, The Best of Luck, His Wife's Friend, Beckoning Roads, More Deadly than the Male, Heartstrings, The Speak Easy, Fighting Cressey, Breath of the Gods, Roaring Lions and Tender Hearts, The Lincoln Highwayman, The Hayseed.

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