Photoplay : Aug 1920 : Mae Murray

Vol. XVIII No. 3

Cover Design: Mae Murray by Rolf Armstrong

Rotogravure: Priscilla Dean, Mildred Davis, Madge Kennedy, Alice Joyce, Renee Adoree, Bert Lytell, Doris May, Mary Miles Minter

It's Up to You (Editorial)
Titles and Landlords (Anne Luther, Helene Chadwick)
Dante Was Wrong (Louise Huff) by Betty Shannon
"Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of" (Drawings) by Norman Anthony
Happy Endings (Lila Lee) by Robert M. Yost
I Don't Want To (Bobby Kelso)
The Hope That Springs (Fiction) by Corinne Lowe
The Truth About Mae Murray by Delight Evans
Noncensorship by Howard Dietz and Ralph Barton
The Truth by Nanon Belois
Suspended Animation (Drawing) by Stuart Hay
Wear America First by Norma Talmadge
Humoresque (Fiction) by Gene Sheridan
Artistic Efficiency—That's Dwan (Allan Dwan) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
West Is East by Delight Evans

Rotogravure: Blanche Sweet, Theodore Roberts, Edward Kimball, Edythe Chapman, Cora Drew, Edward J. Connelly, Jennie Lee, Josephine Crowell, Frank Currier, Jimmie Rogers

Close-Ups (Editorial Comment)
A Western Union (Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks Photograph)
Tough Competition (Drawing) by C.W. Anderson
Middle Age and the Movies by Margaret Sangster
Location (Drawing) by Norman Anthony
What Do You Think About When You Go To Bed? (Photos)
The Shadow Stage (Reviews of New Pictures) by Burns Mantle
Why Do They Do It?
Divorce a la Film (Doris May, Douglas McLean)
Grandpa of the Movies
Murdered Brain Children by Randolph Bartlett
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
The Professor Uplifts by Ralph E. Mooney
The Squirrel Cage by A. Gnut
Plays and Players (News From the Studio) by Cal York

Films reviewed: Jes' Call Me Jim, Romance, The Dark Mirror, The Deep Purple, The Silver Horde, The Dancin' Fool, Riders of the Dawn, The Fortune Teller, Dollars and Sense, An Eastern Westerner, The Bottom of the World, The Courage of Marge O'Doon, Let's Be Fashionable, The Garter Girl, By Golly, Mrs. Temple's Telegram, The Devil's Claim, Forbidden Trails, The Fool and His Money, Just a Wife, No. 99, Wolves of the Street, The Thirtieth Piece of Silver, Love's Harvest, The Flapper, The Miracle of Money, The One Way Trail, The Terror, The Shadow of Rosalie Byrnes, Burning Daylight, Scratch My Back, Nothing But Lies, Everything But the Truth, The Path She Chose.

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