Photoplay : Aug 1921 : Bebe Daniels

Vol. XX No. 3

Cover Design: Bebe Daniels by Rolf Armstrong

Rotogravure: Kathryn Perry, Billie Dove, Olive Tell, Gladys Leslie, Barbara Deane, John Barrymore, Julanne Johnstone.

Magic Days (Editorial)
The Lasky Lot (Drawings) by Ralph Barton
One of Anatol's Affairs (Agnes Ayres) by Delight Evans
Here's How It's Done (Photograph)
Hello Mabel! (Mabel Normand) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Ethel Clayton (Portrait)
Some People by Julian Johnson
And Three Lovely Children (Fiction) by T. L. Sappington
An Open Letter to Mme. Alla Nazimova
Odds and Ends for the Summer Season (Fashions) by Carolyn Van Wyck
Wanted: a Chance to Ride! (Jack Holt) by Joan Jordan
West is East (Betty Blythe, Wallace Reid) by Delight Evans
Snip Go The Censor's Scissors (Forty Years of Bathing Fashions)
The Sign on the Door (Fiction) by Gene Sheridan
A Daughter of the Vikings (Ann Forrest) by Joan Jordan
Traditions? Never Heard of 'Em (Rex Ingram) by Jordan Robinson
Whose Double Are You? (Contest)
E-x-t-r-a-s! (Drawings) by Norman Anthony
What Was the Best Photoplay of 1920? (Contest)

The Bad Actor From Bildad (Fiction) by J. Frank Davis
Close-Ups (Editorial Comment)
Experience (Tabloid Version of the Film Play)
Maison Murray (Mae Murray's Home in New York) (Photographs)
What Is a Director? (An Array of Definitions) by Et Al.
The Shadow Stage by Burns Mantle
Applause Wanted! (Drawing) by Norman Anthony
Not in the Guide Book (Photographs)
The Woman Who Came Back (Victory Bateman) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Twin Salaries for Twin Roles? (Drawing) by Norman Anthony
Hidden Children of the Screen by Lyne S. Metcalfe
Plays and Players by Cal York
Being a Screen Idol's Wife (Mrs. Conway Tearle) by Ada Patterson
Cherchez la Film (Verse) by Randolph Bartlett
Home-Folks (Verse) by Margaret Sangster
Why Do They Do It?
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
Announcing Marriage Letter Contest Winners
Miss Van Wyck Says: (Answers to Questions on Fashions)

Films reviewed: The Woman God Changed, Through the Back Door, Two Weeks Without Pay, The Lost Romance, Boys Will Be Boys, Sham, The Wild Goose, The Home Stretch, Snowblind, White and Unmarried, A Wise Fool, Reputation, Love's Penalty, J'Accuse, The Scarab Ring, Get Your Man, The Ten Dollar Raise, Cheated Love, Appearances, The Guide, The Last Card, Closed Doors, Colorado Pluck, The Wallop, Lavender and Old Lace, Beyond Price, Keeping Up With Lizzie, Big Town Ideas, The Man Tamer, The High Road, The Silver Car, A Riding Romeo.

CD-R, 116 pages

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