Photoplay : Apr 1922 : Dorothy Gish

Cover Design: Dorothy Gish by J. Knowles Hare
Rotogravure: Elsie Ferguson, Anita Loos, Maryon Aye, Conrad Nagel, May McAvoy, Norma Talmadge, Madge Bellamy
Just Shadows (Editorial)
The Romantic History of the Motion Picture (Terry Ramsaye)
A Misunderstood Woman (Alla Nazimova) by Herbert Howe
Now Let's Stop That Silly Talk About Motion Picture Folks Having No Brains
Following the Magic Camera on Locations East and West (Photographs)
Miss Dumbbell (Fiction) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Through the Rogues' Gallery (Leatrice Joy) (Photographs)
Some Fortunate Girl is to Occupy This Star Dressing Room at the Goldwyn Studios
The Camera Photographs the Soul by Samuel Goldwyn
How a Camera Test Is Made
Beauty of All Ages by Frederick Van Vrancken
Out of Arabian Nights (Marguerite de la Motte) by Mary Winship
The Seventh Day (Fictionization) by Elizabeth Chisholm
And Ann Said to the King (Ann Forrest Converses with Christian X of Denmark)
Bill Hart's Bride (Winifred Westover, William S. Hart) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Re-introducing Miss Marion Davies (Photographs)
Moran of the Lady Letty (Fictionization) by Gene Sheridan
Moral House-cleaning in Hollywood (An Open Letter to Mr. Will Hays) by James R. Quirk
New Mae Murray Costumes Designed by Le Bon Ton as explained to Carolyn Van Wyck by Mae Murray
Plays and Players (Gossip of Filmland) by Cal York
The Shadow Stage (Department of Practical Criticism)
Adolph Zukor Had an Idea (The Origin of Famous Players) by Terry Ramsaye
Why Do They Do It? (Screen "Breaks" Caught by Readers)
The Ballins (Mabel Ballin, Hugo Ballin) by Delight Evans
Photoplay Magazine Folks (Photographs)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
The Misunderstood Sisterhood by Delight Evans
Fans I Have Known (No. 1 - The Pathetic Parent) by Robert E. Sherwood
A Motion Picture Dictionary by Willard Huntington Wright
Plays and Players - East and West
The Meighans (Francis Ring, Thomas Meighan) (Photograph)
Giving "The Sheik" the Once Over from the Ringside by Dick Dorgan
Miss Van Wyck Says (Department of Personal Problems) by Carolyn Van Wyck

Films reviewed: Penrod, One Glorious Day, The Prodigal Judge, Turn to the Right, The Seventh Day, The Ruling Passion, The Wall Flower, Back Pay, A Stage Romance, Her Husband's Trademark, With Stanley in Africa, The Grim Comedian, The Bride's Play, Moran of the Lady Letty, Love's Redemption, Saturday Night, The Man from Lost River, Nancy from Nowhere, Man to Man, Smiles are Trump, Chasing the Moon, No Defense, Julius Caesar, Don't Get Personal, Little Miss Smiles, Strength of the Pines.

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