Photoplay : October 1923 : Alla Nazimova

Vol. XXIV No. 5

Cover Design: Alla Nazimova by Rolf Armstrong

Brief Reviews of Current Pictures
Brickbats and Bouquets
Why Do They Do It?
Friendly Advice by Carolyn Van Wyck

Rotogravure: Claire Windsor, Mary Astor, Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson, Irene Rich, Jackie Saunders, Jack Holt, Frank Mayo, Eddie Phillips, Edmund Lowe.

Speaking of Pictures by James R. Quirk
The Most Engaged Girl in the World by Constance Talmadge
How They Do Grow Up! by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean
The Tragic Romance of Luigi Montegna (Bull Montana) by Herbert Howe
The Stuffed Shirt (Fiction) by Frank R. Adams [Illustrated by R. Van Buren]
They Won't Marry Millions (Mary Louise Hartje and Derelys Perdue Photographs)
Cecil and Bill (DeMille Brothers) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
How the Picture Is Made (Photographs)
Just a House to Live In (Mr. and Mrs. Fred Niblo Photographs)

Alice-Sit-By-the-Fire (Alice Brady) by Ada Patterson
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. James Kirkwood (Photograph)
The Romantic History of the Motion Picture (Chapter XIX) by Terry Ramsaye
The "Million Dollar Girl" (June Mathis)
Around the World in Eighty Minutes (Photographs)
Among Those Present (Drawings by Ralph Barton)
Close-Ups and Long Shots by Herbert Howe

Rotogravure: Billie Dove, Estelle Taylor, James Neill, Theodore Roberts, Reginald Denny.

Mary Pickford's New Role (Photographs)
The Shadow Stage
Gossip—East and West by Cal York
What Won't They Do for Pictures? (Ethel Shannon, Anna Nilsson Photographs)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
Casts of Current Photoplays
Why Do They Do It?

Films reviewed: The Green Goddess, Hollywood, Little Old New York, Ashes of Vengeance, Bluebeard's Eighth Wife, Trilby, Lawful Larceny, The Brass Bottle, A Gentleman of Leisure, Homeward Bound, Soft Boiled, Black Shadows, St. Elmo, The Flying Dutchman, Out of Luck, The Victor, The Love Brand, Broadway Gold, Skid Proof, Don't Marry for Money, Hell's Hole, The Steel Trail, Radio Mania, Shadows of the North, Mothers-in-Law, Legally Dead, The Miracle Baby, The Purple Highway, Little Johnny Jones, Alias the Night Wind, Fighting Blood (Second Series), The Eleventh Hour, Loyal Lives, Lost in a Big City.

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