Photoplay : December 1923 : Constance Talmadge

Vol. XXV No. 1

Cover Design: Constance Talmadge by J. Knowles Hare

Brief Reviews of Current Pictures
Brickbats and Bouquets
Why Do They Do It?
Friendly Advice by Carolyn Van Wyck

Rotogravure: Charles Ray, Dagmar Godowsky, Barbara La Marr, Antonio Moreno, Carmel Myers, Blanche Sweet, Zasu Pitts.

Speaking of Pictures by James R. Quirk
Why Men Go Crazy About Corinne Griffith by Adela Rogers St. Johns
What's Going to Happen to Jackie Coogan? by Herbert Howe
Myrtle Stedman and Her Son (Photograph)
Barbara La Marr's New Wardrobe (Photographs)
Beefsteak and Onions (Fiction) by Frank Condon [Illustrations by James Montgomery Flagg]
It Can Be Done—Sometimes by John Lynch
Fads and Fancies of the Film Folks (Photographs)
How He Makes Them Act (Rex Ingram) by Herbert Howe
Not in the Scenario (Fiction) by Kathrene and Robert Pinkerton

Lois Wilson Shows What Can Be Done with Cretonne by William J. Moll
Medieval Burgandy as Designed for Marion Davies' "Yolanda" (Sketch) by George A. Picken
Photoplay Magazine 1922 Gold Medal of Honor Winner
The Romantic History of the Motion Picture (Chapter XXI) by Terry Ramsaye
Close-Ups and Long Shots by Herbert Howe

Rotogravure: Baby Peggy, Dorothy Gish, Madge Bellamy, Conway Tearle.

The Silver Crazy-Quilt by Ralph Barton
The Shadow Stage
Nervous Prosperity and Klieg Eyes by Dr. William Engel
Gossip—East and West by Cal York
Napoleon, Danton and Marie Antoinette (Photographs from "Scaramouche")
Filming the History of America at Yale (Photographs)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man

Films reviewed: Scaramouche, The Spanish Dancer, Zaza, A Woman of Paris, The Bad Man, Cameo Kirby, Going Up, The Fighting Blade, Columbus, Thundering Dawn, The Huntress, The Marriage Maker, The Eternal Three, Lights Out, The Call of the Wild, The Right of the Strongest, Monna Vanna, The Ramblin' Kid, Is Conan Doyle Right?, Forgive and Forget, Times Have Changed, The Wild Party, Shifting Sands, The Tailor, The Love Trap, Haldane of the Secret Service, Polikuschka, Gold Madness, The Girl from the West, The Dancer of the Nile, The Devil's Partner, A Wife's Romance, When Law Came to Hades, Tipped Off.

CD-R, 138 pages

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