Photoplay : Apr 1924 : Sylvia Breamer

Vol. XXV No. 5

Cover Design: Sylvia Breamer by Hal Phyfe
Brief Reviews of Current Pictures (in Tabloid Form for Ready Reference)
Brickbats and Bouquets (Letters from Readers)
Rotogravure: Betty Jewel, Corinne Griffith, Barbara La Marr, Dorothy Mackaill, Clara Bow, Lowell Sherman, Eddie Philips, Adolph Menjou, Ricardo Cortez, Ben Lyon, Lloyd Hughes, Oscar Shaw, Ronald Colman
Speaking of Pictures (Editorial) by James R. Quirk
What Men Have Told Me About Other Women by Nita Naldi
Goodbye Boys I'm Through (Pearl White) by Bland Johaneson
Odds and Ends the Camera Caught (Photographs)
The Mix Jewels
The Camera Never Lies (Fiction) by Frank Condon
The Autobiography of Pola Negri (Conclusion)

What Kind of Men Attract Women Most? (Rudolph Valentino, Wallace Reid, Richard Dix, Douglas Fairbanks, Ramon Novarro, William S. Hart, Thomas Meighan, Richard Barthelmess, Reginald Denny, Antonio Moreno) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
His Life Story Begins Next Month (Photograph)
Rotogravure: Rudolph Valentino (in a pose suggestive of The Thinker), Baby Peggy, Aileen Pringle; Ride 'em Cowboy!—the Fore-Horsemen of America (William S. Hart, Hoot Gibson, Buck Jones, Tom Mix, Jack Hoxie, Art Acord); Paramount's Eastern Studio; Harry, "Doby," and Ella Ada Carey, Sheila and Pat O'Malley
The Love Dodger (Fiction) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
The Enchanted Princess (May McAvoy) by Margaret E. Sangster
Close-Ups and Long Shots by Herbert Howe (Pencil Sketches by Rex Ingram)
The Romantic History of the Motion Picture by Terry Ramsaye
The Shadow Stage

Have You a Dressing Table? by William J. Moll
Lincoln and the Kids by Bland Johaneson
Rotogravure: Mimi Palmeri, Betty Compson, Alma Rubens, Julanne Johnston
Gossip—East and West by Cal York
Mrs. Tom Mix—Before and After
Dan McGrew, the Stranger, and the Lady Known as Lou (Lew Cody, Percy Marmont, Barbara La Marr Photographs)
Rudolph Valentino as "Monsieur Beaucaire" (Photographs)
King Vidor Shooting "Happiness" (Photographs)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
The Theodore Roberts Family (Photograph)
The Shoe Must Fit the Foot and Costume (Bebe Daniels Photographs)
Friendly Advice by Carolyn Van Wyck
Casts of Current Photoplays

Films reviewed: Secrets, The Humming Bird, Thy Name Is Woman, The Marriage Circle, Three Weeks, The Stranger, Sporting Youth, The Heritage of the Desert, Pied Piper Malone, When a Man's a Man, Just Off Broadway, A Fool's Awakening, Painted People, Nellie The Beautiful Cloak Model, Flaming Barriers, Two Wagons—Both Covered, The Yankee Consul, Daddies, Alimony, The Man from Wyoming, The Next Corner, My Man, Jealous Husbands, North of Hudson Bay, Ladies to Board, The Fast Express, Wings of the Turf, No More Women, Jack O' Clubs, Loving Lies, The Trail of the Law, The Net, Cause for Divorce, The Breathless Moment, Week End Husbands, The Daring Years, Let Not Man Put Asunder.

CD-R, 146 pages

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