Photoplay : Feb 1925 : Florence Vidor

Vol. XXVII No. 3

Cover Design: Florence Vidor by Hal Phyfe
Brief Reviews of Current Pictures (in Tabloid Form for Ready Reference)
Brickbats and Bouquets (Letters from Readers)
Rotogravure: May McAvoy, Lillian Rich, Shirley Mason, Alma Rubens, Mildred Gloria Lloyd, Irene Rich, Gloria Swanson.
Speaking of Pictures (Editorial) by James R. Quirk
Vampires I Have Known by Ben Lyon
Odds and Ends the Camera Caught (Photographs)
Why Men Fall in Love with Actresses by Constance Talmadge
How One Extra Girl Saved Her Job (Harold Lloyd Photographs)
Close-Ups and Long Shots by Herbert Howe
Charlie's Unromantic Wedding (Charles Chaplin) by Cal York
What Is Love: A Symposium with contributions by Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Conway Tearle, Harold Lloyd, Rod La Rocque, Richard Dix, Douglas MacLean, Huntly Gordon, John Gilbert, Bull Montana, Ben Turpin, and George O'Brien.
It Can't Be Done (Fiction) by Frederic Arnold Kummer
The Man Who Found Himself (Monte Blue) by Jim Tully
Rotogravure: Mr. & Mrs. Monte Blue, Holmes Herbert, Charles Ray, Alan Forrest, Jack Dougherty, Jack Mulhall, Bryant Washburn, Herbert Rawlinson, George O'Brien, Tom Mix.
My Life Story by Tom Mix
New Costumes From New Pictures by Grace Corson
"When I Am Old" as told by Mary Pickford to Russell J. Birdwell
Jackie Coogan's Diary
The Shadow Stage
Maria Guglielmi (sister of Rudolph Valentino) Photograph
Coming into His Own (Rockcliffe Fellowes) by Ivan St. Johns
When Alice Played a German Soldier with a Beard (Alice Terry) by Herbert Howe
Studio News and Gossip---East and West by Cal York
The Romantic History of the Motion Picture by Terry Ramsaye
Just a Simple Little Boudoir (Photographs)
Period Picture Lessons for Your Home by R. W. Sexton
Rolling Rations Served Hot (Photographs)
What!!! Valentino??? (Verse) by Margaret Caroline Wells
Carol Dempster & Neil Hamilton in "Isn't Life Wonderful" (Photograph)
If You Lived 10,000,000 Years Ago ("The Lost World" Photographs)
Peter Pan Fights Pirate Crew (Betty Bronson, Mary Brian, Anna May Wong, Ernest Torrence Photographs)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
Friendly Advice by Carolyn Van Wyck
Casts of Current Photoplays

Films reviewed: The Wages of Virtue, North of 36, A Sainted Devil, Isn't Life Wonderful, Greed, The Early Bird, Locked Doors, Romola, Sundown, Argentine Love, Love's Wilderness, The Rough Neck, Idle Tongues, Laughing at Danger, Born Rich, Smouldering Fires, Her Night of Romance, Inez from Hollywood, The Salvation Hunters, Silk Stocking Sal, Barriers Burned Away, The Tornado, The Foolish Virgin, A Man Must Live, The Last Man on Earth, Tongues of Flame, The Courageous Coward, The House of Youth, Trouping with Ellen, The White Sheep, The Midnight Express, The Dark Swan, Reckless Speed, Gerald Cranston's Lady, The Air Hawk, Daughters of the Night, On the Strike of Three, The Dangerous Flirt, The Fast Set.

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