Photoplay : Apr 1925 : May Allison

Cover Design: May Allison by Charles Sheldon
Brief Reviews of Current Pictures (in Tabloid Form for Ready Reference)
Brickbats and Bouquets (Letters from Readers)
Rotogravure: Alberta Vaughn, Rod La Rocque, Lew Cody, Corinne Griffith, Claire Adams, Sally Rand, Betty Bronson
Speaking of Pictures (Editorial) by James R. Quirk
Marguerite Clark—Today by Beatrice Washburn
A Day with a Movie Star (Estelle Taylor Photographs) by Pete Smith
What Next Gloria? (Gloria Swanson) by A. Chester Keel
Fine Feathers, etc. (Photographs)
Close-Ups and Long Shots by Herbert Howe
The Shadow Stage

Claire Windsor's Latest Portrait (Photograph)
Verse and Prose of the Studios by John V. A. Weaver
Rubaiyat of a Star (Verse) by Margaret Sangster
The Little French Girl (Photograph)
Studio News and Gossip---East and West by Cal York
Use Picture Ideas to Beautify Your Home by Marguerite Henry
It Can't Be Done (Serial Story) by Frederic Arnold Kummer
Tom Mix's Own Story

The Ten Commandments of Dress and Grooming for Smart Women by Grace Corson
Ramon Novarro in Europe by Herbert Howe
Rotogravure: Ramon Novarro, Anna May Wong, Constance Bennett, Esther Ralston
Peter Pan's Mother (Esther Ralston) by Ivan St. Johns
$500 in Prizes for Solutions of These and—One Sentence
May is Back Again (May Allison)
The Phantom of the Opera (Photograph)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
Casts of Current Photoplays
Friendly Advice by Carolyn Van Wyck
The Talmadge Sisters (Book Review) by Ada Patterson
Jobyna Ralston for Ipswich Hosiery (Advertisement)

Films reviewed: The Goose Hangs High, The Last Laugh, The Lost World, The Thundering Herd, Dick Turpin, Charley's Aunt, Quo Vadis, Cheaper to Marry, Coming Through, Broken Laws, As Man Desires, The Lady, Miss Bluebeard, Excuse Me, The Great Divide, New Toys, Capital Punishment, Learning to Love, If I Marry Again, The Top of the World, New Lives for Old, The Swan, Her Husband's Secret, Enticement, The Monster, The Lost Lady, Pampered Youth, Chu Chin Chow, The Redeeming Sin, Up the Ladder, Roaring Adventure, The Deadwood Coach, Folly of Vanity, Champion of Lost Causes, The Parasite, The Cloud Rider, Midnight Molly, Gold Heels.

CD-R, 146 pages

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