Photoplay : Aug 1927 : Olive Borden

Cover Design: Olive Borden by Charles Sheldon
Rotogravure: Clara Bow, Eleanor Boardman, Thomas Meighan, Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Gilda Gray, Anna May Wong
As We Go To Press
Brief Reviews of Current Pictures
Brickbats and Bouquets
Close-Ups and Long-Shots by James R. Quirk
EXIT - This Way Out (Seven Ways to Oblivion for Motion Picture Stars) by Agnes Smith
Ladies in Hades by Frederic Arnold Kummer
Charles Farrell and Greta Nissen (Photograph)
Jetta Goudal Lives Down Her Past by Francis Clark
Have All Actors an Inferiority Complex? by Louis E. Bisch
Our News Reel in Rhyme
"One Million Immortals by 1928" by Robert E. Sherwood, Editor of Life
Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Film Magnates (Marcus Lowe) by Terry Ramsaye
The Port of Missing Girls (Sixth of a Series of True Stories) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
This is NOT Lon Chaney (Ronald Colman Photograph)
Last Call to Win $15,000
How to Win $5000
Favorite Recipes of the Stars
Does It Pay, Girls? by Rose Pelswick
What Was the Best Picture of 1926? (Cast Your Ballot)
Gossip of All the Studios by Cal York
The Shadow Stage (Reviews of the New Pictures)
Slanguage of the Studios
Janet Gaynor (Photograph)
Another Set of Cut Puzzle Pictures to Test Your Wits
Lillian Gish (Photograph)
Open Cesene! (Monty Banks) by Dorothy Spensley
Amateur Movies by Frederick James Smith
No Convent Belle (Lois Moran) by Dorothy Spensley
Rudolph Valentino (Photograph)
The Little Kleig Schoolhouse
The Fifth Birthday Party of Our Club (Photograph)
The Elevator Camera in Action (Photograph)
The Newest in Bathing Togs (Louise Brooks, Sally Blane, Nancy Phillips Photograph)
The Millionaires' Movie Theater by Sidney Curtis
Adolphe Menjou and Kathryn Carver (Photograph)
Shopping Service by Carolyn Van Wyck
When the Doctors (Newspaper Critics) Disagree
Carl Laemmle As I Know Him by Robert H. Cochrane
Hoot Mon! He's the Best Guy in Hollywood (Norman Kerry) by Ruth Waterbury
Good at Figures (Esther Ralston Photographs)
The Youngest Rancher (Jackie Coogan)
Francis X. Bushman and Francis X. Bushman, Jr. (Photograph)
Friendly Advice on Girls' Problems by Carolyn Van Wyck
William Boyd and Louis Wolheim on the set of Two Arabian Knights (Photograph)
Questions and Answers
Casts of Current Photoplays

Films reviewed: A Million Bid, The Circus Ace, Closed Gates, Cradle Snatchers, Dearie, Fighting Love, Good as Gold, Irish Hearts, Lost at the Front, Man Power, Mr. Wu, Rough House Rosie, Service for Ladies, Silver Comes Thru, Simple Sis, Slaves of Beauty, The Stolen Bride, Sunset Derby, Surrender, The Tender Hour, Tillie the Toiler, The Unknown, The Way of All Flesh, Wedding Bills, The Whirlwind of Youth, The Woman on Trial, The World at Her Feet.

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