Photoplay : Sep 1928 : Gloria Swanson

Cover Design: Gloria Swanson by Charles Sheldon
Rotogravure: Greta Garbo, Olive Borden, Sue Carol, Corrine Griffith, Eva von Berne, Jack Mulhall
Brief Reviews of Current Pictures
Brickbats and Bouquets
As We Go to Press
Friendly Advice on Girls' Problems (Carolyn Van Wyck)
Close-ups and Long Shots (James R. Quirk)
Charles Chaplin (Photograph)
Why Mary Pickford Bobbed Her Hair (Adela Rogers St. Johns)
The Story of a Dancing Girl (Joan Crawford) (Ruth Biery)
Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep (Henry Clive)
Pictures or Football? (Bebe Daniels) by Dick Hyland
Jack Gilbert Writes His Own Story (John Gilbert)
Around the Clock (Lilyan Tashman) (Photographs)
The Stars That Never Were (Margaret E. Sangster)
Gossip of All the Studios (Cal York)
Why Athletes Fail in Pictures (Charley Paddock)
The Shadow Stage
Myrna Loy (Photograph)
Hollywood Finds Its Voice (Herb Howe)
Cut Picture Puzzle Contest
Lillian Gish (Photograph)
A Plea for Privacy (Richard Barthelmess) (Helen Louise Walker)
Eggs and Onions (Fiction) by Katherine Albert
New Amateur Movie Contest (Frederick James Smith)
Paris Fashions in Movie Theaters (Drawings) (Ken Chamberlain)
Come on Over (Harold Lloyd's Miniature Country Estate) (Photographs)
The "No" Woman (Elinor Glyn) by Gertine Ahrens
Fathering a Film Star (Carmelita Geraghty) by Tom J. Geraghty
Star Hints for the Kitchen (Carolyn Van Wyck)
What Was the Best Picture of 1927? (Eight Annual Gold Medal Award Ballot)
The Wets and the Drys (Stars in Bathing Suits) (Photographs)
Love in Exile (Olga Baclanova, Valdemar Zoppi) (Photographs)
Questions and Answers by The Answer Man
Casts of Current Photoplays

Films reviewed: A Ship Comes In, The Baby Cyclone, The Barker, The Battle of the Sexes, The Broken Mask, Code of the Scarlet, The Cowboy Kid, Craig's Wife, The Devil's Trademark, Dugan of the Dugouts, The Family Picnic, Fangs of Fate, The Fightin' Redhead, Fleetwing, Forgotten Faces, Four Walls, Gang War, The Gate Crasher, George Bernard Shaw, Greased Lightning, Green Grass Widows, Heart to Heart, Heart Trouble, His Rise to Fame, Hot News, Just Married, Ladies of the Mob, Lights of New York, Lion and the Mouse, The Little Wild Girl, Love Over Night, The Man from Headquarters, The Mysterious Lady, No Other Woman, Obey Your Husband, Painted Post, Polly of the Movies, Power, Prowlers of the Sea, Say It with Sables, Skirts, The Speed Champion, Stop That Man, Three Ring Marriage, Top Sergeant Mulligan, The Trail of Courage, Undressed, While the City Sleeps, The Whip, The Woman Disputed.

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