Photoplay : Apr 1929 : Clara Bow

Cover Design: Clara Bow by Charles Sheldon
Ad: Paramount Pictures featuring "The Canary Murder Case"
As We Go to Press (Last Minute News from East & West)
Ad: Kathryn McGuire for The Arch Preserver Shoe
Brief Reviews of Current Pictures
Ad: Hearts in Dixie
Brickbats and Bouquets
Ad: Dolores Costello, Conrad Nagel in "The Redeeming Sin"
Friendly Advice on Girls' Problems by Carolyn Van Wyck
Ad: "Why Be Good?" starring Colleen Moore
Ad: "The most fascinating Young Sportswoman" (Lilias Moriarty) for Woodbury Soap
Rotogravure: Dorothy Mackaill, Lilyan Tashman, Bessie Love, Laura La Plante, Lois Moran, Johnny Mack Brown
Ad: The Gossard Line of Beauty
Close-ups and Long Shots by James R. Quirk
How Talkies are Made by Al Cohn
Don't Be Discovered by Mark Larkin
Portrait of Warner Baxter
The Cisco Kid Himself (Warner Baxter) by Tod Hastings
What a Film First Night Looks Like (Photographs)
Intimate Snapshots of Film Favorites No.3 - Greta Garbo Advertises for a Double (Cartoon)
Reeling Around with Leonard Hall
What Are Your Correct Colors by Laurene Hempstead
The Studio Murder Mystery by The Edingtons, Illustrated by C. A. Bryson
Gossip of All The Studios by Cal York
Hollywood's Apostle to the Scots (Margaret Mann) by Cal York
The Queen of Poverty Row (Betty Compson) by Herbert Howe, Illustrated by Ken Chamberlain
The Shadow Stage
The Old Shoe (fiction) by Adele Whitely Fletcher, Illustrated by Everett Shinn
Wanted - A New Name for the Talkies (Contest)
Rotogravure: Gloria Swanson, Ramon Novarro & Dorothy Janis, Lily Damita & Don Alvardo, Lillian Gish
Lillian Fights Alone (Lillian Gish) by Leonard Hall
The Big Boy tells his Story (Gary Cooper) as told by Gary Cooper to Dorothy Spensley
Amateur Movies by Frederick James Smith
Avoid Trick Diets by Dr. H. B. K. Willis
How the Stars Make their Homes Attractive by Lois Shirley
Hollywood Popularity by Herbert Howe
The Philosophy of Crime by Mark Larkin
One Star is enough (Jobyna Ralston, Richard Arlen) By Katherine Albert
Hot Stuff (Hollywood's Spanish Stars Give You the Recipes of Their Favorite Dishes)
Ad: Lupe Velez for Lady Pepperell colored sheets & pillow cases
Ad: Anna Pavlowa for Cutex Liquid Polish
Questions and Answers
Ad: Speakeasy
Ad: Joan Crawford for Frederics VitaTonic Waves
Photos: Alice White, Ruth Roland, Esther Ralston, Alberto Valentino (Brother of Rudolph Valentino), Nancy Carroll, Martha Mansfield, D. W. Griffith & The Gish Sisters, Jacqueline Logan, Renee Adoree, Phyllis Haver & Dorothy Ward) Ad: Betty Compson for Alle-A Hosiery
Ten Years Ago in Photoplay
Ad: Irene Rich for Maybelline
Casts of Current Photoplays

Films reviewed:
Why Be Good? (Colleen Moore, Neil Hamilton)
Strong Boy (Victor McLaglen, Leatrice Joy, Clyde Cook, Slim Summerville)
The Broadway Melody (Anita Page, Bessie Love, Charles King)
The Pagan (Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Janis, Renee Adoree, Donald Crisp)
The Dummy (Ruth Chatterton, Frederic March, John Cromwell, Mickey Bennett, Zasu Pitts)
Weary River (Richard Barthelmess, Betty Compson)
Eternal Love(Camilla Horn, John Barrymore)
The Leatherneck (William Boyd, Alan Hale, Robert Armstrong, Diane Ellis)
The Three Passions (Alice Terry, Ivan Petrovich)
Spite Marriage (Buster Keaton, Dorothy Sebastian, Leila Hyams)
The Haunted Lady (Laura La Plante, Huntley Gorden, John Boles)
Hardboiled (Sally O'Neil, Donald Reed, Lilyan Tashman)
The Charlatan (Holmes Herbert, Margaret Livingston, Rockliffe Fellows, Anita Garvin)
Moulin Rouge (Mlle. Olga Chekova, Eve Gray, Jean Bradin)
True Heaven (Lois Moran, George O'Brien, Phillips Smalley)
The Red Sword (Marian Nixon, Carmel Myers, William Collier, Jr.)
Sunset Pass (Jack Holt, Nora Lane)
His Lucky Day (Reginald Denny, Lorayne Duval)
All Faces West (Marie Prevost, Ben Lyon)
Girls Who Dare (Rex Lease, Ben Wilson, Priscilla Bonner,Rosemary Theby)
Object—Alimony (Lois Wilson, Hugh Allan, Ethel Grey Terry)
Love In The Desert (Olive Borden, Hugh Trevor, Noah Beery)
Just Off Broadway (Donald Keith, Ann Christy)
Strange Cargo(Lee Patrick, June Nash, Lee Patrick, Ned Sparks)
The Black Pearl (Lila Lee, Ray Hallor)
Ships of the Night (Jacqueline Logan, Sojin, Andy Clyde)
The Faker (Jacqueline Logan, Charles Delaney)
The China Slavers (Sojin, Iris Shan, Albert Valentino)
Wild Blood (Rex the Wonder Horse, Jack Perrin, Ethlyne Clair)
Wolves of the City (William Cody, Sally Blaine)
Honeymoon Abroad (Monty Banks, Gillian Dean)
The Man Higher Up (Hobart Bosworth, Robert Edeson)
In Holland (Bobby Clark, Paul McCullough)
The Eligible Mr. Bangs (Edward Everett Horton, Mabel Forrest, Johnny Arthur, Florence Eldridge)
The Bride's Relations (Johnny Burke, Thelma Hill, Eddie Gribbon, Andy Clyde)

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