Photoplay : July 1929 : Bessie Love

Vol. XXXVI No. 2

Cover Design: Bessie Love by Earl Christy

As We Go to Press
Brief Reviews of Current Pictures
Brickbats and Bouquets
Friendly Advice on Girls' Problems by Carolyn Van Wyck
What was the Best Picture of 1928?

Portrait Gallery: Ruth Chatterton, Lupe Velez, Nancy Carroll, Dolores Del Rio, Renee Adoree, Charles Farrell.

Closeups and Long Shots by James R. Quirk
Little Alabam (Dorothy Sebastian) by Katherine Albert
The Girl Jack Gilbert Married (Ina Claire) by Ruth Waterbury
The Truth About Voice Doubling by Mark Larkin
My Boy Buddy (Buddy Rogers) by B. H. Rogers
A Jungle Lorelei (Nina May McKenney) by Herbert Howe
The Lawyer for the Defense (Raymond Hackett) by Muriel Babcock
The Butterfly Man and the Little Clown (Lew Cody, Mabel Normand) by Adela Rogers St. Johns
She Prayed for the Part (Winifred Westover) by Frank Pope
Lucky Amateur Detectives

That Awkward Length by Katherine Albert
Rosie Rolls Her Eyes (Fiction) by Stewart Robertson
Gossip of All The Studios by Cal York
Trials of the Talkies by Albert Boswell
The Shadow Stage
$5,000 in Fifty Cash Prizes (Contest)
Edwina Booth (Photo)
Anita Page (Photo)
Young King Leer (Chester Morris) by Leonard Hall

What Next for Gloria? (Gloria Swanson) by Katherine Albert
The Golden Fleecer (Fiction) by Grace Mack
Reeling Around by Leonard Hall
Do You Drink Enough Water? by Dr. H. B. K. Willis
How They Manage Their Homes (Corinne Griffith, Walter Morosco) by Alma Whitaker
Amateur Movies by Frederick James Smith
A Summer Tonic for the Complexion (A few recipes of the stars)

Silent Clothes for the Talkies by Janet Aster
Questions & Answers
Princeton Goes Talkie by Jay O'Gee
Ten Years Ago in Photoplay
Addresses of the Stars
Casts of Current Photoplays
Full Page Color Ad (Billie Burke) for Lucky Strike

Films reviewed: The Big Diamond Robbery, Bulldog Drummond, Come Across, The Devil's Chaplain, The Duke Steps Out, The Exalted Flapper, Eyes of the Underworld, Fox Movietone Follies, The Gamblers, Girls Gone Wild, Gun Law, The Hole in the Wall, Honky-Tonk, The Hottentot, Innocents of Paris, Madame X, The Man I Love, Masked Emotions, Mother's Boy, Nothing but the Truth, Not Quite Decent, Our Modern Maidens, Pawns of Passion, The Prince of Hearts, The Quitter, The Rainbow Man, Roaring Fires, Saturday's Children, Ship Mates, The Squall, The Studio Murder Mystery, Thru Different Eyes, The Time, the Place and the Girl, Tommy Atkins, The Vagabond Cub, You Can't Buy Love.

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