Pearl White Films


(Episodes from The Exploits of Elaine & The Iron Claw)

This disc contains episodes from two of Pearl White's early serials, offering a rarely seen glimpse into what her films looked like at the peak of her popularity. This was a time when characters had such names as The Clutching Hand, The Iron Claw, and The Laughing Mask. Scientific detective Craig Kennedy, along with his secretary Jameson, were working on futuristic devices but always took time out to save Elaine's life whenever the need arose - as it often did. So join us now as we return to the days of hairbreadth escapes, incredible scientific gadgetry, masked heroes and villains, and most importantly the Queen of the serials, Pearl White.

The Hidden Voice (1915) - The Exploits of Elaine, chapter 8
Cast: Pearl White, Arnold Daly, Creighton Hale. ~ ~ ~ Scientific detective Kennedy (Arnold Daly) finds his newly invented Vocaphone comes in handy as he aids Elaine (Pearl White) in running down the mysterious criminal, "The Clutching Hand."

The Death Ray (1915) - The Exploits of Elaine, chapter 9
Cast: Pearl White, Arnold Daly, Creighton Hale. ~ ~ ~ As Elaine tracks down her father's murderer, she receives emphatic orders to discharge Kennedy or else a pedestrian will drop dead outside his laboratory every hour.

The Hooded Helper (1916) - The Iron Claw, chapter 7
Cast: Pearl White, Creighton Hale, Sheldon Lewis. ~ ~ ~ The Iron Claw (Sheldon Lewis) attempts to steal both a coveted paper and Margery (Pearl White).

Includes Commentary by Rich Olivieri
Color-tinted, 76 minutes.

NTSC - Order # PWF1-N

Price $19.95 USD



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