Screenland : Dec 1921 : Agnes Ayres

Cover Portrait: Agnes Ayres by D. Anthony Tauszky
Studios and Addresses
The Editors' Page
Sunlight and Shadow (Nude Portrait) by Edwin Bower Hesser
The Shirtsleeves of Matrimony by Lorna Moon
The Poverty of Riches by Leroy Scott
Hail the Woman (Photos)
Deeper-than-Skin Beauty (Dorothy Devore Photos)
Is Virginia Rappe Still Alive?
Marion Davies (Portrait)
A Bit o' Scotch (Betty Compson Photos)
Little Hints for Playgoers
Advice for the Screenlorn by Everett Wynn
Why You Like Him (Richard Barthelmess)
Furs are such a Bother but the Stars Don't Mind (Photos)
They Danced their Way into the Movies (Photos)
After the Show (Photos)
Proud Papas (Photos)
Mary Miles Minter (Portrait)
May McAvoy (Portrait)
Hollywood The Athens of America
Maryon Aye (Portrait)
Eileen Percy (Photo)
Penrod (Photos)
Wesley Barry (Photo)
Constance Talmadge (Line Drawing)
Our Own Movie Show (Viola Dana in Glass Houses)
Their Pasts (Gloria Swanson, Wallace Reid, Betty Compson, Agnes Ayres Photos)
Personality Snapshots (Charles Ray, Clara Kimball Young, John Gilbert, Alice Terry) by Monte M. Katterjohn
Outfuturing the Futurists (Gloria Swanson, Alla Nazimova, Mary Pickford) - Drawings by George H. Fisher
Star Dust by Marion Fairfax
The Honeymoon Bungalow (Bebe Daniels, Wanda Hawley)
Your Own Page
What's the Matter with My Story?
The Screen Writers' Corner by Frederick Palmer
In Screenland by Myrtle Gebhart
Have Christmas Dinner with the Stars (Recipes)
The Priscilla Dean Tam (Full Page Ad)

Films reviewed: No Woman Knows, A Trip to Paradise, Dangerous Curve Ahead, Doubling for Romeo, The Masked Avenger, Forever, The Princess of New York, The Sheik, Gypsy Blood, Poverty of Riches, Bing Bang Boom, Never Weaken.

One-line Reviews: The Child Thou Gavest Me, The Case of Becky, The Journey's End, The Rage of Paris, Cappy Ricks, The Leisure Class, The Bluebird, Play Square, Pilgrims of the Night, Shame, Headin' Home, Moral Fibre, One Arabian Night, I Accuse, Shams of Society, Thunderclap, Passing Thru, The Night Horsemen, Open Shutters, A Virgin Paradise, Something New, Perjury, Quo Vadis, The Girl from God's Country.

CD-R, 68 pages

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