Silent Cinema - Silent Cinema Stars

A Book & DVD Covering the Silent Cinema

Silent Cinema by Brian J. Robb / Silent Cinema Stars DVD

Silent Cinema covers the first 30 years of cinema's history - the silent years. This attractive 162-page volume presents a study of the cinema beginning with its earliest origins and ending with the advent of sound. The silent stars, comedians and directors of the era are discussed. There is also a chapter on the early Hollywood scandals as well as a survey of the silent classics and international silent films.

Silent Cinema is an introductory tome intended to provide a springboard from which readers can begin their explorations of the Silent Era. With that in mind Sunrise Silents has put together a 193-minute DVD celebrating the silents by showcasing the stars of the era. It is our hope that the Silent Cinema Stars DVD will present an immediate overview of the Silent Era in a program that can be conveniently viewed in just over 3 hours.

Silent Cinema Stars features the following extracts:

Johnny Hines - Conductor 1492
Mary Pickford - Little Annie Rooney
Harold Lloyd - I'm On My Way
Pola Negri - Hotel Imperial
Rudolph Valentino - Son of the Sheik
The Gish Sisters - Orphans of the Storm
Douglas Fairbanks - Wild & Woolly
Greta Garbo - The Joyless Street
Laura La Plante - The Cat and the Canary
Buster Keaton - Cops
Norma Talmadge - The Social Secretary
Rin-Tin-Tin - The Night Cry
Raymond Griffith - The Night Club
Colleen Moore - A Roman Scandal
Lon Chaney - Phantom of the Opera
Louise Brooks - It's the Old Army Game
Charles Chaplin - The Star Border
Clara Bow - My Lady of Whims
William S. Hart - The Ruse
Pearl White - Perils of Pauline
Lige Conley - Air Pockets
John Barrymore - The Beloved Rogue
Theda Bara - The Unchastened Woman
Our Gang - The Big Show
Mabel Normand - The Extra Girl
Alla Nazimova - Salome
Gloria Swanson - Teddy at the Throttle

Although 7 of the films above have previously been released by Sunrise Silents, a brand new transfer was made for each extract. All material was digitally transferred directly from the film prints. All segments have new music scores, which were specifically compiled for this release.

The DVD comes in a clear plastic sleeve in the back of the book. However if you buy the book from Sunrise Silents we'll send along a DVD case with the artwork shown above.

The book is paperback and the DVD is in region free NTSC format.

Color-tinted, 193 minutes total running time.



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